Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So, Yeah

Current Mood: Waking up

Current Song: Spanish Guitar by Ottmar Liebert

So, I haven't blogged in a while again. I know. It's terrible and I should be shot. But everytime I think about blogging, I have to say, I kind of get lazy and don't want to do it. Is that bad? Okay okay, updates below

Update 1: I am done work! Yay! Aside from the fact that I'll have no money from here until eternity, it's okay. I get to work on my thesis and don't have to lose sleep. Plus, this is my career, so I think I better get on top of that at some point. The whole purpose is I don't have to work for now. i'm already feeling a lot less stressed, although now comes the pressure of having to get on with it you know

Update 2: Went to Cirque du Soleil for the first time ever in my life. The show was called Corteo and it was about a clown that imagines his funeral as this fun giant parade/ carnival. It was pretty cool. The set design and of course all of the athletes were awesome. there was even a flying midget (for tickets that cost that much, there had better be!). Went with a girlfriend of mine. Boys, if you are ever looking to go on a date with your better half, highly recommend cirque. it's a really fun time to be had.

Update 3: My mother is going to London in 2 weeks. I hate her. I want to go! She's going for the great MHI's visit and of course to see her sisters. Woman has packed 4 punjabi suits and 5 sarees and nothing else at all. So that's going to be interesting. She got a good deal on tickets and is slowly warming up to the idea. Although when we first bought her ticket, she went into panic mode. I've asked her to bring me back some jewelry and my future husband. She only guarantees one thing...

Update 4: Coldplay's new CD is out today! yay! That's all I have. They're not going to Calgary in July anymore, which has me totally choked of course. But I guess I'll get to see them at some point in the future...Can't win em all!

Alright. I know I've said this before, but i will blog more now that I'm home. And I'll try and make it interesting. For now, I'll be off to do up my bibliography. Later days!