Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Long-Time Relationship

Current Mood: *SIGH*

Current Song: Lies by Simple plan (or one of those bands that looks like them)

I thought this would be a good day to tell you about my fairly new relationship. We've been seeing eachother since January. But I don't think you should get very excited about it because I'm thinking of dumping him soon. His name is Thesis.

This thesis is by far the longest relationship I have ever been in. ever. I think. It's pretty much just followed the trajectory of a relationship that will soon come to an end. You first meet, and you're really excited about it, because you're just kind of toying with the idea, but you're not sure. So you start getting to know it, you discover some really new and exciting things about them. You start to see things that you never had thought of before. You think about them all the time, wondering what you could ask them and where you will go next time you see them. Every day is an adventure. Then you get comfortable with each other. Everything become familiar. And you discover a few flaws, but that's okay. Cuz you can live with them. They're not that bad. Then it starts to get dull. You feel like you're talking to a wall and they don't excite you anymore. You don't even get dressed up anymore. So you decide to consult some friends about whether this is normal. They say it is, and they try to make you look at things in another way. So you give it a shot, but it's still not working. At this point you're banging your head against the wall, because they're unresponsive, and kind of insensitive to where you want them to take this relationship. So then finally you just have to dump them. But it doesn't end there, because you kind of miss them. But you'll get over it when something new comes along.

I'm currently past the comfort and on to the annoyance. I'm nearly done, but this week i'm getting my ass kicked a bit. So i've enlisted the help of some fellow sufferers. One of my colleagues says that if this thesis was a person she would be in an abusive relationship. it's funny how your life becomes thesis-ified. I went for a run just to get away from the writing today, and all i did was think about how I could rewrite the beginning. I need a life.

In any case, we're almost at the end. Which is why I say don't get excited because I'm dumping this sucker. tomorrow holds some respite as I take my mother to the airport to go off galavanting to london. I hope she has a good time. She deserves it. In the meanwhile, I'll stick it out over here. It's a matter of a few weeks...a few weeks....

Best be off now. Got some more work to do. Apparently technology hasn't come far enough to allow your thesis to write itself....later days!