Sunday, June 8, 2008


Current Mood: Bit less touch and go than the last few days

Current song: something by Penn Masala, which doesn't sound nice...

So I was reading some interesting research in the newspaper last week about Vancouver being the least friendly city. Mostly in terms of dating. People apparently are much less likely to come up to you and say hello. Which I believe. Quite honestly, nobody is terribly nice. We're nicer than say, some European countries, but not that many...No wonder there is such a high proportion of single people wandering the streets in their lululemon with their fluffy, insignificant dogs..
I also had the first hand experience of going to two different prayer halls the last few weeks. I loved it because random people who I have never seen or spoken to came up and said hello. It was a nice feeling. I almost wish there was more of that. But I too have been guilty of not smiling. Guess it wouldn't kill eh? See, I would put more effort into it, but if I ever want to move to england, I had better tone it down!
So, one more crazy week to go and then I'm done at work. And I can concentrate full time on my thesis and get that puppy out of the way. It's amazing how quickly time goes!
anyway, I have said nothing significant, so i'm not sure why I even wrote this post...but if you have nothing at all to do, you may as well have read this!
And now we have come to the end of bizarro world....until I blog again, later days!