Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Long-Time Relationship


Current Mood: *SIGH*

Current Song: Lies by Simple plan (or one of those bands that looks like them)

I thought this would be a good day to tell you about my fairly new relationship. We've been seeing eachother since January. But I don't think you should get very excited about it because I'm thinking of dumping him soon. His name is Thesis.

This thesis is by far the longest relationship I have ever been in. ever. I think. It's pretty much just followed the trajectory of a relationship that will soon come to an end. You first meet, and you're really excited about it, because you're just kind of toying with the idea, but you're not sure. So you start getting to know it, you discover some really new and exciting things about them. You start to see things that you never had thought of before. You think about them all the time, wondering what you could ask them and where you will go next time you see them. Every day is an adventure. Then you get comfortable with each other. Everything become familiar. And you discover a few flaws, but that's okay. Cuz you can live with them. They're not that bad. Then it starts to get dull. You feel like you're talking to a wall and they don't excite you anymore. You don't even get dressed up anymore. So you decide to consult some friends about whether this is normal. They say it is, and they try to make you look at things in another way. So you give it a shot, but it's still not working. At this point you're banging your head against the wall, because they're unresponsive, and kind of insensitive to where you want them to take this relationship. So then finally you just have to dump them. But it doesn't end there, because you kind of miss them. But you'll get over it when something new comes along.

I'm currently past the comfort and on to the annoyance. I'm nearly done, but this week i'm getting my ass kicked a bit. So i've enlisted the help of some fellow sufferers. One of my colleagues says that if this thesis was a person she would be in an abusive relationship. it's funny how your life becomes thesis-ified. I went for a run just to get away from the writing today, and all i did was think about how I could rewrite the beginning. I need a life.

In any case, we're almost at the end. Which is why I say don't get excited because I'm dumping this sucker. tomorrow holds some respite as I take my mother to the airport to go off galavanting to london. I hope she has a good time. She deserves it. In the meanwhile, I'll stick it out over here. It's a matter of a few weeks...a few weeks....

Best be off now. Got some more work to do. Apparently technology hasn't come far enough to allow your thesis to write itself....later days!

Sunday, June 22, 2008



Current Mood: a little guilty...i didn't do much thesis work today

Current Song: Shine by Coldplay
It's been a good week I have to say. First a couple of arts things:
Got Coldplay's new CD! Wee! And it's amazing! I'm not just saying that as a biased superfan but as an artist. But then again, it's what I expected of Brian Eno, who is just an amazing music producer. He did some of Daniel Lanois' stuff and it's brilliant as well. I think the thing that I love most about this CD is that it's fresh. it doesn't continue anything that Coldplay produced before. The style and subject matter are completely different and it feels like one of those new beginnings everyone needs once in a while.

Second Artsy thing: Reading a new novel by Camilla Gibb called "Sweetness in the Belly" Google it. It's a great book...there's a ton on Islam in it which I didn't expect, but it's tastefully done. Gibb is a very good writer. I'm surprised I didn't read it before. But I shall keep you posted on how it goes. It's quite the page turner.

This weekend was the MAIS grads island picnic. We went off to Hermit Island off the coast, which is owned (yes, the Island is actually owned) by a classmate of mine. It's absolutely beautiful! it was a fairly warm day but overcast and just sitting and having a barbecue with classmates and friends to celebrate the end of a very eventful graduate year as we all go, was bitter sweet. Mostly I just didn't realize how tired I was, and how I missed having fun. I had been working on such a high level of activity that a day at the beach doing literally nothing completely tired me out! Wow, I'm old. But I know that the whole program is an adventure I will soon won't forget, and I have colleagues who will be in all parts of the world so it's comforting to know. Another gorgeous thing about getting older: the quality of people in your life improve remarkably. I'll miss them, but then there's always facebook!
Okay, enough of this business...I must be off to bed. and for your amusement, pictures off of Hermit Island posted below...later days!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So, Yeah


Current Mood: Waking up

Current Song: Spanish Guitar by Ottmar Liebert

So, I haven't blogged in a while again. I know. It's terrible and I should be shot. But everytime I think about blogging, I have to say, I kind of get lazy and don't want to do it. Is that bad? Okay okay, updates below

Update 1: I am done work! Yay! Aside from the fact that I'll have no money from here until eternity, it's okay. I get to work on my thesis and don't have to lose sleep. Plus, this is my career, so I think I better get on top of that at some point. The whole purpose is I don't have to work for now. i'm already feeling a lot less stressed, although now comes the pressure of having to get on with it you know

Update 2: Went to Cirque du Soleil for the first time ever in my life. The show was called Corteo and it was about a clown that imagines his funeral as this fun giant parade/ carnival. It was pretty cool. The set design and of course all of the athletes were awesome. there was even a flying midget (for tickets that cost that much, there had better be!). Went with a girlfriend of mine. Boys, if you are ever looking to go on a date with your better half, highly recommend cirque. it's a really fun time to be had.

Update 3: My mother is going to London in 2 weeks. I hate her. I want to go! She's going for the great MHI's visit and of course to see her sisters. Woman has packed 4 punjabi suits and 5 sarees and nothing else at all. So that's going to be interesting. She got a good deal on tickets and is slowly warming up to the idea. Although when we first bought her ticket, she went into panic mode. I've asked her to bring me back some jewelry and my future husband. She only guarantees one thing...

Update 4: Coldplay's new CD is out today! yay! That's all I have. They're not going to Calgary in July anymore, which has me totally choked of course. But I guess I'll get to see them at some point in the future...Can't win em all!

Alright. I know I've said this before, but i will blog more now that I'm home. And I'll try and make it interesting. For now, I'll be off to do up my bibliography. Later days!

Sunday, June 8, 2008



Current Mood: Bit less touch and go than the last few days

Current song: something by Penn Masala, which doesn't sound nice...

So I was reading some interesting research in the newspaper last week about Vancouver being the least friendly city. Mostly in terms of dating. People apparently are much less likely to come up to you and say hello. Which I believe. Quite honestly, nobody is terribly nice. We're nicer than say, some European countries, but not that many...No wonder there is such a high proportion of single people wandering the streets in their lululemon with their fluffy, insignificant dogs..
I also had the first hand experience of going to two different prayer halls the last few weeks. I loved it because random people who I have never seen or spoken to came up and said hello. It was a nice feeling. I almost wish there was more of that. But I too have been guilty of not smiling. Guess it wouldn't kill eh? See, I would put more effort into it, but if I ever want to move to england, I had better tone it down!
So, one more crazy week to go and then I'm done at work. And I can concentrate full time on my thesis and get that puppy out of the way. It's amazing how quickly time goes!
anyway, I have said nothing significant, so i'm not sure why I even wrote this post...but if you have nothing at all to do, you may as well have read this!
And now we have come to the end of bizarro world....until I blog again, later days!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Torture-Fest 2008


Current Mood: pretty alright

Current Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight (yay choir!)

I am in constant pain. Zoyah and I started a new work out regimen. Or as I like to call it, torture-fest. It consists of weights and cardio throughout the week. although it's not all weights. Some exercises include contorting your body into funny shapes. The worst of them all are these horrible jumping lunges. Seriously, my ass is on fire! Muscles I didn't know existed now hurt. it's been a really long time since my calves hurt. The last time they hurt I was hideously out of shape. So we're hoping for new beach bods from this new torture that we have subscribed to. Next week we progress on to 3 times a week and increased reps....lord help me....

The weeks have been is really busy, but I will be done soon, so I can get back to normal grad student life. I'm rather looking forward to that and am a bit relieved actually. I feel like my attention is in too many places sometimes and I'm not fully devoting myself to what i should be doing. However, this too shall pass.

Had choir rehearsal after 2 years. We're singing for VIMYC's 10th year. Yes, that's right. We have been around for 10 years. It felt good to sing with a group that I've known for that long. We have the ultimate connection (albeit an ismaili one). It's a great thing. My voice is sore and a bit hoarse today, but it all comes with the territory. I am excited to perform next week. It's going to be great I hope, unless i somehow really muck things up. We shall see! A busy couple of weeks coming up as we head towards thesis bonanza!
I shall write again soon (unless my fingers have fallen off because of torture fest). Later days!