Monday, May 12, 2008

Perhaps Tomorrow

Current Mood: underwhelmed

Current Song: The theme song from Saawariya (the worst indian movie ever made, ever!)

Well, here is the beginning of the week again and we are off to the selfsame grind, to see the selfsame people and do the selfsame kinds of things. Boy, is life unexciting right now.

So last week I found out that Coldplay is coming to Canada, which had me on a high for about 8 hours. Sadly they aren't coming to vancouver because they're playing at the Pemberton Music Festival, so boo. But they are playing in Calgary, so I might take an impromptu trip there at the end of July and stay for a few days, perhaps even see some edmontonian friends. Should be a good time. I'm practically ready to go at a moment's notice when tickets go on sale. Fingers and toes crossed!
This weekend was the communal birthday dinner. Good food, but I ate too much. We had cake with all of our birthdays on it. My sister, my cousin and I all had birthdays in the same span of time, and so for the sake of whatever it is we were trying to do, we all celebrated together.

Okay, major nerd alert coming up: Yesterday i watched a really awesome documentary made my Christianne Amanpour on Korea-America relations. The first move that Korea made in opening up to the world was to invite the New York Philharmonic to play a huge concert in Pyongyang. So basically music was the first thing to bring people together. It was powerful and North Korea is a bit creepy looking, like something out of 1984 and Cold War Russia. Gives you a bit of a heebie-jeebies. But the people were nice! If anyone has a chance to catch it, I highly recommend it. It's called "Notes from Korea" and it's by Amanpour on CNN.

Alright. I had best be going to work. I shall blog again, when something exciting happens. Later days!