Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Violet Hill

Current Mood: Alright

Current Song: Violet Hill by Coldplay (2 more months!)

Boy it's been a crazy and tiring week. I left off with Oxford Circus last week which was a tiring gongshow really. Friday was do hair day and we went to prayers. The prayer hall here is really small and nobody dresses up. For someone who was in a pencil skirt, I felt a tad (read: a lot!) overdressed. Next time i'm wearing my pajamas to prayers. That oughta tone it down a whole bunch. We went to Kebabs right after prayers. Here in England, Kebabs are a huge thing. they're everywhere (like starbucks in vancouver). Salim's is the place to go. It's just this little dive with wicked food. Needless to say that my Kebab craving was sufficiently satisfied.

Saturday I discovered that my own personal hell would consist of the devil making me choose sarees all day for eternity. Yes, that's right folks. We were in Southall and Wembley. Zoyah was overexcited, followed by overwhelmed when she discovered the walls upon walls of shiney indian jewellry. Then of course came the real work of picking out sarees for the family. That was one endless day. but the work got done. Now nobody is going to send me to any indian stores ever again for the next 3 years. I simply refuse to do it. Even zoyah had nightmares afterward. That evening I asked her to move over (as usual she was taking up most of the bed). She replied to me, stating "there aren't enough thingies" When asked what thingies she was referring to, she said "shops. there aren't enough shops" So even she was seeing saree-bonanza in her dreams. Don't blame her really.

Sunday was petticoat lane. For those of you who don't know, it's a giant market that sells everything from clothes to cutlery to jewellry to bags and shoes. there are some great deals to be had. Zoyah ended up buying another winter coat (I'm going to make her wear them home because I sure as hell am not dragging them all in my suitcase). And I got a lovely purse and some jewellry. All in all a good day.

Monday was another trip to Oxford Circus. This time with less frustration and more caffeine. We also went down regent street and saw carnaby street. Carnaby is lovely and really campy, but fun. Pictures on facebook soon. It was a fun day and I got a cheap coat (the first of the trip, unlike my little sister).

Today was a day when nobody wanted to leave the house because of the rain, but I made Zoyah take a trip down to the Science Museum (which was her idea in the beginning anyway). After the Central Line on the tube stopped functioning, we had to ad lib it and take a bus to some other station. Consulting a tube map, we got back on track. That was a fun adventure despite the rain and craziness. We did in the end get to the science museum. It proved to be tons of fun actually despite the utter nerdiness of the whole endeavour. We also took a walk to Royal Albert Hall, where the London Philharmonic plays. It's a gorgeous old building (like a lot of gorgeous old buildings in London). We could have kept looking for the next 5 hours, but we thought it best to head home. It was a nice day.

Okay, I shall blog again on Thursday I hope. But you probably have discovered that I'm quite unreliable. Pictures on facebook sooooooooon as I get home. I promise! Until soon, ta!