Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long Time No See!

Current Mood: Sleepy

Current Song: Greensleeves (because we started this horrible song in the morning)

Wow, it's been a few since I blogged eh. Things have been on the up and up for a while, and I am just trying to wrap up my school work (wee! my coursework is officially done tomorrow!). I haven't started packing yet. I know. I heard the collective gasp. But tonight! or tomorrow...and worst come to worst (which seems like the most likely scenario), Saturday! Oh boy, I'm in trouble...

I am off to a staff retreat in the middle of nowhere in a few minutes. I always wonder why they have these things in left-arm-pit, BC. You're doing the same work, and you're with the same people. Might as well keep it in the office so I can take the bus home. I hope it's productive. As you all know, meetings are the bane of my existence. I've never had a meeting that I went to that I actually thought was productive, unless I was the one that was leading it (but then it's because my leadership style is pretty much to delegate the hell out of everything, and I'd rather see results than just a whole lot of talk). I get meaner as I get older.

Speaking of which, the d-day is in two days. I cannot believe that I'll be 26. That's past mid-twenties. I have been having some reminders of my mortality the last little while. The whole thing came to fruition when a hearse pulled up beside me in rush-hour traffic. How's that for grim! One of my close friends had a total breakdown on her 25th, and since I didn't have one, she's pretty sure that i'll be having one on my 26th. Mind you, I might be too busy to actually bother having one. Perhaps I'll start to weep on the plane or something. Who really knows.

Anyway, I best be off. I think I have to go learn a few things today. Or at least pretend I'm listening. I might not blog before I leave for the UK, but then again I might. We'll see. If I don't, see you on the other continent!
Later days!