Monday, April 7, 2008

Lobsters and Muslims

Current Mood: bleh. I am sorely tempted to take homework to work. sorely

Current Song: Shine by Daniel Lanois (good song....)

So, I had an interesting weekend, partially. We took mum to the Boathouse for her birthday dinner. She had no idea where we were off to until we got right in the parking lot. Poor woman is so clueless. I'm hoping she liked the food. I loved it, once i got all of it that is. I ordered the Chicken Napolean with wild mushrooms and I ended up getting the Chicken Napolean without the chicken! So I said to the server, "Uhm, I have a stupid question. where is the chicken?" She said "you mean you didn't get any chicken!?" It was pretty funny. the entire kitchen was laughing about it, as was I. Apparently it's never happened to them before. And of course, the day I come in is the day it's gotta happen right? So the chef came out with my chicken and he gave me two whole pieces to make up for it. Then it became a running gag through the dinner. With dessert when we ordered, the server said, "I don't think we can fool you by leaving out the cake this time around"...And just so you can drool on your screen, please see picture of cake in this post. I also tried lobster for the first time ever (I don't eat any seafood at all), and it really did taste like chicken! very good!
So, very strange thing happened to me a week ago that I forgot to post about, that was interesting. I was home alone studying (read: crying in a corner) and someone rang the door bell. When I looked outside, 3 muslim men were standing at the door with their beards, and pointy shoes and everything (no joke). So of course, I got a bit frightened so I just kept peeking out the window. The didn't leave for 10 minutes. They were parked in our reserved spot but I wasn't about to bust open the door and tell them that they were. So after 10 minutes they went to their car to check directions I think. And then they left. Zoyah suggested that perhaps they had come to wage jihad but got the wrong door? It was pretty funny, but pretty frightening. Only these things happen to me....
Anyway, I think the cake more than makes up for my absence of posts the last few days. Enjoy! I have to go and work now...later days :)