Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catching Up on the Last Few Days

Current Mood: Exhausted (trust me, you would be too)

Current Song: Ordinary People by John Legend

I don't think that i've blogged since the birthday. So let's start there:
19th April: It was my birthday but it hardly felt like that. I was busy falling asleep all over the place. We had to go to pick something up at the Indian Bazaar, and forgot that it was Vaisakhi. Needless to say, we randomly ended up in the vaisakhi festivities. My mother got a bit excited about the free food and went fro stall to stall picking up all manner of things. The car and us, all smelled like India. It was a bit bizarre. I got a nice surprise from my mum and sister and we packed up that evening. I ended up crying for no particular reason. Don't ask me why really. I couldn't tell you.

Sunday, we took off for London. After waiting for 3 hours (that felt like 8) in Calgary Airport, we were on the plane. I was irritated at the fact that the Starbucks was on the other side of the security clearance gate...i almost whimpered. Also, I think I will always fly air canada. The food was not horrible, and there was leg room and you didn't have to sell your soul for a blanket. Overall a good flight.

Monday we went to the market. My sister got a really lovely winter coat for £3. It quickly became a means of comparison as in "I can't get that. I got a coat for cheaper" Needless to say we're coming home empty handed.
Tuesday was the Museum/ Gallery day. My sister and I headed by ourselves to West London. We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum, which is housed in this gorgeous old building...we also had lunch outside, when it stopped raining, right across from the Ismaili centre. We headed to Hyde Park right after, and sat around, amusing ourselves by watching cyclists with no helmets and some very macho pigeons. All in all a good day.
Today was a gong show! Oxford Circus for shopping. There's so much stuff, you're inclined almost not to buy anything from being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things. We didn't even make it to carnaby st. We need another day down there. Running from store to store, during the torrential rain proved to be quite the task with massive bags (let's just say the brits are not into giving you small bags for your one pair of sunglasses). It was completely exhausting and overwhelming. But I did get an amazing pair of peep toe leopard print pumps. very cute! And I'm sure I'll look on it with fond memories some day soon. Right now the hustle and bustle has left a ringing in my ears!

Anyway, that's been the trip so far. I'll blog again in a couple of days when I have more to write. Until then. ta!