Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Violet Hill


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Boy it's been a crazy and tiring week. I left off with Oxford Circus last week which was a tiring gongshow really. Friday was do hair day and we went to prayers. The prayer hall here is really small and nobody dresses up. For someone who was in a pencil skirt, I felt a tad (read: a lot!) overdressed. Next time i'm wearing my pajamas to prayers. That oughta tone it down a whole bunch. We went to Kebabs right after prayers. Here in England, Kebabs are a huge thing. they're everywhere (like starbucks in vancouver). Salim's is the place to go. It's just this little dive with wicked food. Needless to say that my Kebab craving was sufficiently satisfied.

Saturday I discovered that my own personal hell would consist of the devil making me choose sarees all day for eternity. Yes, that's right folks. We were in Southall and Wembley. Zoyah was overexcited, followed by overwhelmed when she discovered the walls upon walls of shiney indian jewellry. Then of course came the real work of picking out sarees for the family. That was one endless day. but the work got done. Now nobody is going to send me to any indian stores ever again for the next 3 years. I simply refuse to do it. Even zoyah had nightmares afterward. That evening I asked her to move over (as usual she was taking up most of the bed). She replied to me, stating "there aren't enough thingies" When asked what thingies she was referring to, she said "shops. there aren't enough shops" So even she was seeing saree-bonanza in her dreams. Don't blame her really.

Sunday was petticoat lane. For those of you who don't know, it's a giant market that sells everything from clothes to cutlery to jewellry to bags and shoes. there are some great deals to be had. Zoyah ended up buying another winter coat (I'm going to make her wear them home because I sure as hell am not dragging them all in my suitcase). And I got a lovely purse and some jewellry. All in all a good day.

Monday was another trip to Oxford Circus. This time with less frustration and more caffeine. We also went down regent street and saw carnaby street. Carnaby is lovely and really campy, but fun. Pictures on facebook soon. It was a fun day and I got a cheap coat (the first of the trip, unlike my little sister).

Today was a day when nobody wanted to leave the house because of the rain, but I made Zoyah take a trip down to the Science Museum (which was her idea in the beginning anyway). After the Central Line on the tube stopped functioning, we had to ad lib it and take a bus to some other station. Consulting a tube map, we got back on track. That was a fun adventure despite the rain and craziness. We did in the end get to the science museum. It proved to be tons of fun actually despite the utter nerdiness of the whole endeavour. We also took a walk to Royal Albert Hall, where the London Philharmonic plays. It's a gorgeous old building (like a lot of gorgeous old buildings in London). We could have kept looking for the next 5 hours, but we thought it best to head home. It was a nice day.

Okay, I shall blog again on Thursday I hope. But you probably have discovered that I'm quite unreliable. Pictures on facebook sooooooooon as I get home. I promise! Until soon, ta!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catching Up on the Last Few Days


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I don't think that i've blogged since the birthday. So let's start there:
19th April: It was my birthday but it hardly felt like that. I was busy falling asleep all over the place. We had to go to pick something up at the Indian Bazaar, and forgot that it was Vaisakhi. Needless to say, we randomly ended up in the vaisakhi festivities. My mother got a bit excited about the free food and went fro stall to stall picking up all manner of things. The car and us, all smelled like India. It was a bit bizarre. I got a nice surprise from my mum and sister and we packed up that evening. I ended up crying for no particular reason. Don't ask me why really. I couldn't tell you.

Sunday, we took off for London. After waiting for 3 hours (that felt like 8) in Calgary Airport, we were on the plane. I was irritated at the fact that the Starbucks was on the other side of the security clearance gate...i almost whimpered. Also, I think I will always fly air canada. The food was not horrible, and there was leg room and you didn't have to sell your soul for a blanket. Overall a good flight.

Monday we went to the market. My sister got a really lovely winter coat for £3. It quickly became a means of comparison as in "I can't get that. I got a coat for cheaper" Needless to say we're coming home empty handed.
Tuesday was the Museum/ Gallery day. My sister and I headed by ourselves to West London. We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum, which is housed in this gorgeous old building...we also had lunch outside, when it stopped raining, right across from the Ismaili centre. We headed to Hyde Park right after, and sat around, amusing ourselves by watching cyclists with no helmets and some very macho pigeons. All in all a good day.
Today was a gong show! Oxford Circus for shopping. There's so much stuff, you're inclined almost not to buy anything from being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things. We didn't even make it to carnaby st. We need another day down there. Running from store to store, during the torrential rain proved to be quite the task with massive bags (let's just say the brits are not into giving you small bags for your one pair of sunglasses). It was completely exhausting and overwhelming. But I did get an amazing pair of peep toe leopard print pumps. very cute! And I'm sure I'll look on it with fond memories some day soon. Right now the hustle and bustle has left a ringing in my ears!

Anyway, that's been the trip so far. I'll blog again in a couple of days when I have more to write. Until then. ta!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long Time No See!


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Current Song: Greensleeves (because we started this horrible song in the morning)

Wow, it's been a few since I blogged eh. Things have been on the up and up for a while, and I am just trying to wrap up my school work (wee! my coursework is officially done tomorrow!). I haven't started packing yet. I know. I heard the collective gasp. But tonight! or tomorrow...and worst come to worst (which seems like the most likely scenario), Saturday! Oh boy, I'm in trouble...

I am off to a staff retreat in the middle of nowhere in a few minutes. I always wonder why they have these things in left-arm-pit, BC. You're doing the same work, and you're with the same people. Might as well keep it in the office so I can take the bus home. I hope it's productive. As you all know, meetings are the bane of my existence. I've never had a meeting that I went to that I actually thought was productive, unless I was the one that was leading it (but then it's because my leadership style is pretty much to delegate the hell out of everything, and I'd rather see results than just a whole lot of talk). I get meaner as I get older.

Speaking of which, the d-day is in two days. I cannot believe that I'll be 26. That's past mid-twenties. I have been having some reminders of my mortality the last little while. The whole thing came to fruition when a hearse pulled up beside me in rush-hour traffic. How's that for grim! One of my close friends had a total breakdown on her 25th, and since I didn't have one, she's pretty sure that i'll be having one on my 26th. Mind you, I might be too busy to actually bother having one. Perhaps I'll start to weep on the plane or something. Who really knows.

Anyway, I best be off. I think I have to go learn a few things today. Or at least pretend I'm listening. I might not blog before I leave for the UK, but then again I might. We'll see. If I don't, see you on the other continent!
Later days!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lobsters and Muslims


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So, I had an interesting weekend, partially. We took mum to the Boathouse for her birthday dinner. She had no idea where we were off to until we got right in the parking lot. Poor woman is so clueless. I'm hoping she liked the food. I loved it, once i got all of it that is. I ordered the Chicken Napolean with wild mushrooms and I ended up getting the Chicken Napolean without the chicken! So I said to the server, "Uhm, I have a stupid question. where is the chicken?" She said "you mean you didn't get any chicken!?" It was pretty funny. the entire kitchen was laughing about it, as was I. Apparently it's never happened to them before. And of course, the day I come in is the day it's gotta happen right? So the chef came out with my chicken and he gave me two whole pieces to make up for it. Then it became a running gag through the dinner. With dessert when we ordered, the server said, "I don't think we can fool you by leaving out the cake this time around"...And just so you can drool on your screen, please see picture of cake in this post. I also tried lobster for the first time ever (I don't eat any seafood at all), and it really did taste like chicken! very good!
So, very strange thing happened to me a week ago that I forgot to post about, that was interesting. I was home alone studying (read: crying in a corner) and someone rang the door bell. When I looked outside, 3 muslim men were standing at the door with their beards, and pointy shoes and everything (no joke). So of course, I got a bit frightened so I just kept peeking out the window. The didn't leave for 10 minutes. They were parked in our reserved spot but I wasn't about to bust open the door and tell them that they were. So after 10 minutes they went to their car to check directions I think. And then they left. Zoyah suggested that perhaps they had come to wage jihad but got the wrong door? It was pretty funny, but pretty frightening. Only these things happen to me....
Anyway, I think the cake more than makes up for my absence of posts the last few days. Enjoy! I have to go and work now...later days :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stuff Brown People Like


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I just wrote the worst essay of my life so I am taking a blog break to rid myself of the bad vibes, after which, I shall go for a run, to rid myself of more bad vibes. Seriously people, the bar is so low on this essay, I'm going to have to warn people not to trip over it.

I discovered a new blog yesterday whilst perusing the Globe and Mail. It's called Stuff White People Like. It's basically about stuff white people like. It's really funny, and I wish i had thought of that idea first. So in honour of stuff that different ethnicities like, I have come up with a short list of stuff brown people like. See below:

1. London - Brown people love london. It has enough curry to not make you feel homesick, but it's far enough that you can brag to your friends about it. For instance, people will ask, "where did you get that lovely sari?" and brown person can reply, "Oh, i was in london. I have family there you know."

2. Grandmas - no brown people ever hate their grandmothers, and mostly because grandmas are the best cooks. If there was a competition for best grandma, everyone's grandmother would win.

3. Clubbing - This is mostly little brown people. They love a good club or lounge if they are "low key". They then proceed to bombard everyone with pictures of themselves at said club. Here's me and my two best girlfriends sitting, here's me and a bunch of guys holding drinks, here's me holding a drink, here's me dancing it up, here's my self portrait by the bathroom door....and so on..

4. RJ1200- Because you can't get a browner radio station if you try.

5. Music Parties - It doesn't really matter who is singing or how bad they are, brown people love a good music party. It's a chance to sing along from the songs you learned on RJ 1200, and show off your new clothes from London, as well as compare the food that grandma makes to the menu.

6. Superstore - Brown people love superstore. It's all chock full of good sales, and has a huge aisle of "ethnic food" where countless hours are spent comparing Patak's tikka masala with that other new brand.

7. "Back Home" - because nothing will ever be as good as it was "back home" no matter how many years you've been here. You could have been born here but still conscribe to the "back home" phenomenon.

8. Oprah - Because she kind of looks brown so we can sympathize with her weight problem, and her wardrobe issues, and her new hairdos. what we can't sympathize with is why she won't marry that Stedman!

9. The Amazing Race - because sometimes they have episodes where you can see "back home" and how it might have changed. "Ay! Look! That's the street where they used to sell barbecued corn slathered with lemon and chilli!...is that an internet cafe?"

10. Coiffing - Not a hair out of place please! It would ruin the whole look! Hair must be sprayed into place so it doesn't move if hit by wind, and doesn't move at all when you go on a picnic. the horror if it did!

Okay, i'm done. I'm sure i could find more things to say, but i'm sure I have some work to do...ciao for niao!