Saturday, March 15, 2008


Current Mood: better than yesterday

Current Song: Kad Procvatu Behari (it's a Bosnian thang...)

Long week. Very long week. I can't hear....still after a week. And for the last few I've been in pain. I finally got slapped silly and went and got my amoxicillin and now am on a course of antibiotics trying to cure what might be an ear infection. Unless my ear drum blew up. Nah, I'd feel that one if it happened. Let's pray for a speedy recovery. One of my classmates at school asked me "HOW IS THE EAR?" really loudly, to which I replied "WHAT??" It was good. we had a laugh. On the bright side, I can choose to hear things. And if for some reason I think it's stupid what someone is saying, I can just pretend I never heard. Ahhh, being deaf does have its perks eh.

Things are just rolling along. I discovered my mom hates children. So it's really not my fault. There was a newsletter with a poem about how you should love your kids and they were the greatest gift in the world (yeah, right). So my mom said "give them that many liberties and they'll sit on your head. Look what I have. Mediocre."
So after all of that, my mother thinks that my sister and I are mediocre. She tried to cover it up by calling us "gangsta" (her words, not mine), but it was too late by that point. Apparently I wasn't really worth the trouble. I told her "you don't like kids do you? you wouldn't have had any" to which she replied "well, accidents happen"...LOL
So the next time you feel like haraguing me about my infinite distaste for those ragamuffins, just remember it is genetic. I inherited a long-suppressed hatred for children that runs through the family. It's not my fault. Or in Bart Simpson's words, "I didn't do it"

Well, I'm in for a long night. Pray for me. No wait, I'm going to prayers, so I'll manage to pray for myself somehow. Ciao for niao!