Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wearing of the Green

Current mood: could be worse

Current Song: Show Me the Meaning of Being Desi by Penn Masala

St. Patrick's day came and went, and now it's almost easter weekend, something that I am very grateful for. I'm hoping to be able to hunker down and get-er-done this weekend on the homework/paper front. I know, I lead the life of a celebrity...a washed up one!

So, an interesting thing happened to me this last week. A good friend of mine wanted to surprise his girlfiend and so asked for my help in planning. Because it was a surprise, he told her he was going out with me to chat and catch up on the good ole days (whatever that means). In the span of our planning evening, she must have called more times than I had fingers to count on. The funniest bit of course is that this has never occurred to me. Why anybody would consider me competition is beyond me.
I'm generally the friend who gives advice to the guys on when they're being stupid about their mates, and the one who has the stellar anniversary ideas. i should really take up matchmaking. But seldom am I considered any real threat. I have to say, it was kind of nice. Though I also question, why she was clinging tohim as if he was hanging off a cliff.
I started thinking about it a little later and thought, I don't think I would get so uppity about it. At this point, my mother's voice barged into my head like your uninvited uncle. Again it started with the "Yoo are too ledbeck (laidback). Udher gulls would heng on so tightly. I am telling yoo, this iz vhy you jus' let thing go" After much banging of head against wall to get rid of the voice, i was in good shape.
Jealousy: it's a new feeling!

alright folks, i'm later days!


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