Monday, March 10, 2008

Twirly World!

Current Mood: sneeeeeezing...badly

Current Song: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

Boy howdy. What a weekend. Is it me or does the time change make the entire world a bit more sluggish than usual? I feel like I have been on a plane and landed somewhere and am trying to get over jet lag. Too bad, I haven't really left my room all evening. Oh well, six more weeks!

So, I got new curl creme this weekend to try on my hair. For those who didn't know I have the devil's curly hair. And so i tried it, being overly optimistic that it will work. I think I should have used the entire bottle, because my hair is pretty puffy. Though i gotta say, the curls are quite nice in a ponytail...I might just be wearing it like that in London. Though, it's not going down anytime soon unless it has been straightened. I miss my curls sometimes, and it's 5 years since I've been out in public with them in full force. I will keep working on it. Eventually by the time I'm about 70, I will have made amends with my genetics. In the meanwhile, I shall be using that curl creme on my the rug to see if I can make curly fringe...because obviously it's useless on this mop of hair!

I read in the news today that the Vatican has come out with a new list of sins. Apparently the other ones like don't steal and don't cheat are a bit year 1653 A.D. New ones are apparently much more socially conscious. I thought they would be more fun, like thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's iPod ...or something to that effect. And apparently, the Vatican is going green. That's right. Pope Benedict's fancy robe is going to be made entirely out of recycled manuscripts and the Popemobile will be fueled by the souls of the damned (they emit less hot air than the pious)...I like when religion revamps itself. How fantastic.

Anyway, time to sleep. Early school tomorrow....i shall write again...Later Days!