Friday, March 7, 2008

For Love and London

Current Mood: A little bit drowsy (antihistamine season! yeah!)

Current Song: Bengali Song by Nitin Sawhney

Well, it's official everyone. We will be on a plane to London very soon! Yay! I can hardly get any work done or contain myself. King Lear is playing at the Globe, the Mousetrap is still on at the St. Martin's theatre and Oxford circus is just waiting to be raided! *sigh* I feel a bit sad for being so frivolous and taking off to be quite honest. The money could be used for something more productive. But then again, i'm thinking of it as an investment in my health and most of all my sanity. $2000 on a trip or $8000 on a therapist in the future when i've finally cracked. I think the choice is pretty easy here, people. Anyway, so much to do and stuff for the cousins...remember to pack! Woo!

This has been quite the week for love. I've been dealing with all manner of friend related dilemmas about love...breakups, makeups, does he like me, what does she mean? Quite thankfully, I like not having to do that at the moment. It's extremely taxing. Maybe some other day when my life gets less exciting. Does make me think whether love is one big cosmic joke. I often think, God is up there, just telling the angels "Hey guys, watch what happens when I do'll be hilarious!" I wouldn't be quite surprised if it was all one big joke. Just makes me wonder what is wrong with this world afterall? You know...But then things are only as complicated as you make's quite a bit make the choice afterall....Only, I seem to surround myself with complicated people....oh well, it's good entertainment, and makes me feel useful!
Okay, I have to go learn about money demand vs money supply and whether the IMF is just a giant failure...later days!