Friday, March 28, 2008

The Big Time

Current Mood: Pretty okay

Current Song: Blind by Megabass (love this song, sounds like time is ticking or something cool)

Apologies for being AWOL for the last little bit. I was kind of busy having a nervous breakdown this week. I have a bunch of papers due and I am nowhere near making a dent in that stupid pile. You don't know how disenchanting and unmotivating it is. On top of that, I look like something about of the creature from the black lagoon. Hi, Mehnaz, it's called WORKING OUT! God, it's awful. I'm spending 14 hours a day sitting, and then when that's done, I go to sleep.

2 and a half more weeks until London! yay! That is about the only thing that is keeping me even remotely motivated. I will of course blog regularly from there about how cool it is and how many things I've gotten to see. Expect major facebook pictureage!

Last week was the New Year. It went well. Not too many people to try and hug, which was nice. I looked great, if I can say so myself. For some reason a couple of people didn't recognize me. I wonder if that was a clue that I generally look like crap. meh, I wouldn't be offended. I've never been one to put any kind of effort into how I look. Though apparently, I heard this week, that prettier people seem to be more popular at work in general. Interesting no?

Tomorrow is PNE, and if I didn't have something new to wear, I probably wouldn't go. Although, perhaps dancing off the calories might be good. Not to mention Biryani and Ismaili Juice! Expect me not to be able to talk on Sunday (stupid Ismaili Juice!).
Alright folks, time to spread those wings and fly! I promise to be less boring in the's hard to say anything interesting when you've been staring at the bright glow of the ole computator. It's coming! Ciao for niao!