Friday, March 28, 2008

The Big Time


Current Mood: Pretty okay

Current Song: Blind by Megabass (love this song, sounds like time is ticking or something cool)

Apologies for being AWOL for the last little bit. I was kind of busy having a nervous breakdown this week. I have a bunch of papers due and I am nowhere near making a dent in that stupid pile. You don't know how disenchanting and unmotivating it is. On top of that, I look like something about of the creature from the black lagoon. Hi, Mehnaz, it's called WORKING OUT! God, it's awful. I'm spending 14 hours a day sitting, and then when that's done, I go to sleep.

2 and a half more weeks until London! yay! That is about the only thing that is keeping me even remotely motivated. I will of course blog regularly from there about how cool it is and how many things I've gotten to see. Expect major facebook pictureage!

Last week was the New Year. It went well. Not too many people to try and hug, which was nice. I looked great, if I can say so myself. For some reason a couple of people didn't recognize me. I wonder if that was a clue that I generally look like crap. meh, I wouldn't be offended. I've never been one to put any kind of effort into how I look. Though apparently, I heard this week, that prettier people seem to be more popular at work in general. Interesting no?

Tomorrow is PNE, and if I didn't have something new to wear, I probably wouldn't go. Although, perhaps dancing off the calories might be good. Not to mention Biryani and Ismaili Juice! Expect me not to be able to talk on Sunday (stupid Ismaili Juice!).
Alright folks, time to spread those wings and fly! I promise to be less boring in the's hard to say anything interesting when you've been staring at the bright glow of the ole computator. It's coming! Ciao for niao!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wearing of the Green


Current mood: could be worse

Current Song: Show Me the Meaning of Being Desi by Penn Masala

St. Patrick's day came and went, and now it's almost easter weekend, something that I am very grateful for. I'm hoping to be able to hunker down and get-er-done this weekend on the homework/paper front. I know, I lead the life of a celebrity...a washed up one!

So, an interesting thing happened to me this last week. A good friend of mine wanted to surprise his girlfiend and so asked for my help in planning. Because it was a surprise, he told her he was going out with me to chat and catch up on the good ole days (whatever that means). In the span of our planning evening, she must have called more times than I had fingers to count on. The funniest bit of course is that this has never occurred to me. Why anybody would consider me competition is beyond me.
I'm generally the friend who gives advice to the guys on when they're being stupid about their mates, and the one who has the stellar anniversary ideas. i should really take up matchmaking. But seldom am I considered any real threat. I have to say, it was kind of nice. Though I also question, why she was clinging tohim as if he was hanging off a cliff.
I started thinking about it a little later and thought, I don't think I would get so uppity about it. At this point, my mother's voice barged into my head like your uninvited uncle. Again it started with the "Yoo are too ledbeck (laidback). Udher gulls would heng on so tightly. I am telling yoo, this iz vhy you jus' let thing go" After much banging of head against wall to get rid of the voice, i was in good shape.
Jealousy: it's a new feeling!

alright folks, i'm later days!

Saturday, March 15, 2008



Current Mood: better than yesterday

Current Song: Kad Procvatu Behari (it's a Bosnian thang...)

Long week. Very long week. I can't hear....still after a week. And for the last few I've been in pain. I finally got slapped silly and went and got my amoxicillin and now am on a course of antibiotics trying to cure what might be an ear infection. Unless my ear drum blew up. Nah, I'd feel that one if it happened. Let's pray for a speedy recovery. One of my classmates at school asked me "HOW IS THE EAR?" really loudly, to which I replied "WHAT??" It was good. we had a laugh. On the bright side, I can choose to hear things. And if for some reason I think it's stupid what someone is saying, I can just pretend I never heard. Ahhh, being deaf does have its perks eh.

Things are just rolling along. I discovered my mom hates children. So it's really not my fault. There was a newsletter with a poem about how you should love your kids and they were the greatest gift in the world (yeah, right). So my mom said "give them that many liberties and they'll sit on your head. Look what I have. Mediocre."
So after all of that, my mother thinks that my sister and I are mediocre. She tried to cover it up by calling us "gangsta" (her words, not mine), but it was too late by that point. Apparently I wasn't really worth the trouble. I told her "you don't like kids do you? you wouldn't have had any" to which she replied "well, accidents happen"...LOL
So the next time you feel like haraguing me about my infinite distaste for those ragamuffins, just remember it is genetic. I inherited a long-suppressed hatred for children that runs through the family. It's not my fault. Or in Bart Simpson's words, "I didn't do it"

Well, I'm in for a long night. Pray for me. No wait, I'm going to prayers, so I'll manage to pray for myself somehow. Ciao for niao!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Twirly World!


Current Mood: sneeeeeezing...badly

Current Song: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

Boy howdy. What a weekend. Is it me or does the time change make the entire world a bit more sluggish than usual? I feel like I have been on a plane and landed somewhere and am trying to get over jet lag. Too bad, I haven't really left my room all evening. Oh well, six more weeks!

So, I got new curl creme this weekend to try on my hair. For those who didn't know I have the devil's curly hair. And so i tried it, being overly optimistic that it will work. I think I should have used the entire bottle, because my hair is pretty puffy. Though i gotta say, the curls are quite nice in a ponytail...I might just be wearing it like that in London. Though, it's not going down anytime soon unless it has been straightened. I miss my curls sometimes, and it's 5 years since I've been out in public with them in full force. I will keep working on it. Eventually by the time I'm about 70, I will have made amends with my genetics. In the meanwhile, I shall be using that curl creme on my the rug to see if I can make curly fringe...because obviously it's useless on this mop of hair!

I read in the news today that the Vatican has come out with a new list of sins. Apparently the other ones like don't steal and don't cheat are a bit year 1653 A.D. New ones are apparently much more socially conscious. I thought they would be more fun, like thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's iPod ...or something to that effect. And apparently, the Vatican is going green. That's right. Pope Benedict's fancy robe is going to be made entirely out of recycled manuscripts and the Popemobile will be fueled by the souls of the damned (they emit less hot air than the pious)...I like when religion revamps itself. How fantastic.

Anyway, time to sleep. Early school tomorrow....i shall write again...Later Days!

Friday, March 7, 2008

For Love and London


Current Mood: A little bit drowsy (antihistamine season! yeah!)

Current Song: Bengali Song by Nitin Sawhney

Well, it's official everyone. We will be on a plane to London very soon! Yay! I can hardly get any work done or contain myself. King Lear is playing at the Globe, the Mousetrap is still on at the St. Martin's theatre and Oxford circus is just waiting to be raided! *sigh* I feel a bit sad for being so frivolous and taking off to be quite honest. The money could be used for something more productive. But then again, i'm thinking of it as an investment in my health and most of all my sanity. $2000 on a trip or $8000 on a therapist in the future when i've finally cracked. I think the choice is pretty easy here, people. Anyway, so much to do and stuff for the cousins...remember to pack! Woo!

This has been quite the week for love. I've been dealing with all manner of friend related dilemmas about love...breakups, makeups, does he like me, what does she mean? Quite thankfully, I like not having to do that at the moment. It's extremely taxing. Maybe some other day when my life gets less exciting. Does make me think whether love is one big cosmic joke. I often think, God is up there, just telling the angels "Hey guys, watch what happens when I do'll be hilarious!" I wouldn't be quite surprised if it was all one big joke. Just makes me wonder what is wrong with this world afterall? You know...But then things are only as complicated as you make's quite a bit make the choice afterall....Only, I seem to surround myself with complicated people....oh well, it's good entertainment, and makes me feel useful!
Okay, I have to go learn about money demand vs money supply and whether the IMF is just a giant failure...later days!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Run for Your Money


Current Mood: surprisingly not sore

Current Song: I want you by Common

Zoyah and I have taken on a new fitness challenge in order to get rid of the flub (I have a feeling that not eating chocolate should be part of this, but it hasn't been proven and ignorance is bliss). We ran a new trail. Actually we interval trained on a new trail. It goes quite a bit down, and then a lot uphill. After the first interval, we both felt like collapsing on the side of the road. We walked for a bit. Our pace slowed down painfully. I think i saw a grandmother beat us. Oh well. it was a nice day and we went by the Burnaby Mountain Golf Course, where Zoyah had accidentally teed off with her instructor's semiprecious stones (yah, ouch). I woke up today expecting to be really sore and really stiff. Surprisingly I am not! I must be in better shape than I give myself credit for. Hurrah! We plan on making it so we run the entire trail by the end of the summer. Let's see how this goes. Next running session: Wednesday.

Other than that, I've been trying to get through my weeks and am trying to figure out when I can go to England. I really really need the break. I think I'm one of those people who needs to leave the city to consider it a vacation. Or else I'd just call it bumming around the house. And you know that I would end up doing some kind of work while I was here. March is looking painfully busy. I hate looking at my calendar now because it's scaring the hell out of me. Oh well. I'm hoping it will go by (but not too fast!). And then we'll be on to thesis writing/job searching! *BIG SIGH*
Anyway, I best be off to work. Later days!