Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is Wet Socks

Current Mood: apathetic

Current Song: Sunny Side of the Street by Louis Armstrong.

I guess perfunctory greetings are in order for today: Happy Valentine's Day/ Happy Singles Awareness Day to everyone. I hope it's what you want it to be.

Today I've decided to write on the topic of love, just so I could fit the occassion appropriately.

Love is a funny thing. People don't understand love, because I think that life gives us a tunnel vision about what it's supposed to be. As one very clever columnist wrote in the Vancouver Sun today, Love takes the garbage out, and puts dirty clothes in the hamper. Love is more than roses, and gifts and other random knick knacks that we confer upon eachother so often. Moreover, love is something else entirely in other cases. Love is knowing that you have to let go. Love is not emotionally binding people. Love is not forced.

Love sometimes is just a good conversation with a friend. Love can be a random text message or a courtesy call wondering if you got home alright. Love is arguing the hell out of something that you won't win. Love is plans made, plans cancelled, plans remade.

Somedays emotions scare me. Emotional people scare me as much as anything. Perhaps because I'm never sure what to look. It's an awkward situation. It's like being faced with a woman who is wearing a really low tanktop that even women look. Where else would you put your eyes? Love is a woman in a low tanktop that makes everyone around her uncomfortable.
Love is that really terrible feeling of wanting to vomit from vertigo.

If you can find that, best of luck making it work out...seriously I mean it. For those of us who are quietly waiting, unimposingly on the side, don't worry. Your turn to vomit from happiness will come.
Have a good one everybody.