Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's Times Like These Where I Wish I was in Africa...

Current Mood: bit tired, bit sore

Current Song: Talk by Coldplay

It's been a very weird kind of a week. I got very sick last week and I couldn't quite recover by the weekend. Sunday I think was the first day in a while where I have just sat around and done nothing, despite the fact that there was plenty to do. It was soooo boring! Wow, no wonder I keep busy eh? In any case, whatever that horrible disease was that I seemed to have contracted is now gone. I did take a few days off to recoup. Most of them of course, in true Mehnaz style, I ended up working.

The weather has been some nasty rubbish the last few days. Just as we were seeing the end of the tunnel with all of this snow malarkey yesterday, a giant storm hit. A giant snow storm. This meant that many many people ended up being trapped up on the SFU campus. Some of them had to sleep in the gym. Luckily SFU was kind of prepared being located in Siberia. But how terrible for them. I would have started to cry. Or at least I would have spent an inordinate amount of time in the library (because I never do that!). In any case, there is much snow outside, which is causing some manner of alarm for most vancouverites. It's times like these I wish I was somewhere warm and tropical. Oh how I miss Oyster Bay!

All social plans have been postponed due to illness and now weather, so i am really hoping both of them clear up and soon because I'm becoming boring! I have nothing interesting to report. I will report that people should stop flattening the snow when they are standing around because they are making it into ice. I know you need something to do with your feet. If that's the case, find a nice dry spot and do the charlston or something. Don't stand there and flatten the snow. If it doesn't rain the follwoing day, then we're stuck with it being a sheet of ice. Dummies.

Alright, I best be off. I shall blog again soon. Probably on the weekend. Should be good, I hope (though i'm not sure how much more interesting the house can get!). Later days people!