Monday, February 11, 2008


Current Mood: Headache. But I guess that's not really a mood

Current song: Life Goes On by Beatles (thanks Zoyah!)

Uneventful weekend. I felt very panicked. Economics seems to do that to me all the time. I can't handle this class because I can't think in numbers. I think in words. pretty long flowery words. I can't explain to you why the price of a good has to be larger than the opportunity cost of that good relative to other goods. I don't even know what i said! Stupid gene pool. I happened to be on the wrong end of it. I got no numerical skills. None. Thanks a lot for that.

I'm done venting about how terrible my number memory is.

Well, I am finally thinking of getting that tattoo that I've been pondering about for the last 5 years. I think I may actually go and do it this time around. I want to get something pretty and meaningful. I have yet to find something that if emblazoned on my body, I won't hate in 50 years time. A friend of mine is also going to get one and we plan on going in the spring time and freaking eachother out together. what are friends for afterall eh? I found a great calligrapher with some pretty wicked designs. Only he's in Istanbul! How in the world do I find these folks? Now I have to find a decent tattoo shop (suggestions very welcome!). I showed a design that I wanted to my mother. She seemed rather nonchalant about it. I think I've worn her down sufficiently that she'll have just a minor freak out if i get one. And don't worry. It won't be big enough to raise any eyebrows. I'll leave the eyebrow raising up to my personality :P

Anyway. Long day tomorrow. Another 13 hour school stint and a meeting with my tor-mentor about some kind of thesis they expect me to right. If only they'd get off my back...what do they think I am, a scholar? sheesh. Okay, i'm out. Later days everyone!