Monday, February 25, 2008

The Candy Man Can

Current Mood: I am a bit fried

Current Song: Something Indian by Jagjit Singh (been singing him all day)

So, as you may know, living with my sister is quite the adventure at the best of times. Things happen to Zoyah which normally would not happen to other people. For instance, I don't know anyone who has ever taken so long to figure out that they have been spelling opportunity wrong (why, it must be the spellcheck that has it all backward!). Anyway, an interesting story for you from the weekend.

On Saturday I got a call from my sister that they had got a shipment of chocolate in and they were each going to get to take 5 boxes home (first this should strike you as a bit odd since she works in a fabric store. But that's not the point). What I didn't know is that she was getting 5 boxes of each KIND of chocolate to take home. So I get a breathless phonecall from somewhere along the millennium line asking me to please come to the platform to help carry the chocolate home. So here I am standing at the bottom of the stairs and my sister comes out of the elevator, with 2 huge bags of chocolate boxes in both hands (there were more boxes of hedgehogs in her backpack, apparently). So we haul these to the car. We are now in the process of trying to eat them/give them away as efficiently as possible. It is quite disconcerting to come down the stairs and have to wade through an assortment of confectionary in order to get from the staircase to the living room. That pile is haunting my family. Easter is coming up. Guess what you're getting!
We also went shopping for groceries this weekend (big shopping, as it were). Rubicon juice was on sale. It expires in 2 months time and we have 6 boxes to drink before then. My meals now consist of a carton of rubicon a day plus a variety of different chocolates: caramel hearts for breakfast, peanutbutter hearts for lunch, chocolate orange crunch for dinner and dark chocolate crunch for dessert. All washed down with some guava juice. All part of a maniacal meal plan executed by my smart sister and her adventures in Candy Land.
If I don't get up tomorrow, I died of a glucose-induced coma...
Well, time for bed....pray that i wake up :P
Later days!