Monday, February 25, 2008

The Candy Man Can


Current Mood: I am a bit fried

Current Song: Something Indian by Jagjit Singh (been singing him all day)

So, as you may know, living with my sister is quite the adventure at the best of times. Things happen to Zoyah which normally would not happen to other people. For instance, I don't know anyone who has ever taken so long to figure out that they have been spelling opportunity wrong (why, it must be the spellcheck that has it all backward!). Anyway, an interesting story for you from the weekend.

On Saturday I got a call from my sister that they had got a shipment of chocolate in and they were each going to get to take 5 boxes home (first this should strike you as a bit odd since she works in a fabric store. But that's not the point). What I didn't know is that she was getting 5 boxes of each KIND of chocolate to take home. So I get a breathless phonecall from somewhere along the millennium line asking me to please come to the platform to help carry the chocolate home. So here I am standing at the bottom of the stairs and my sister comes out of the elevator, with 2 huge bags of chocolate boxes in both hands (there were more boxes of hedgehogs in her backpack, apparently). So we haul these to the car. We are now in the process of trying to eat them/give them away as efficiently as possible. It is quite disconcerting to come down the stairs and have to wade through an assortment of confectionary in order to get from the staircase to the living room. That pile is haunting my family. Easter is coming up. Guess what you're getting!
We also went shopping for groceries this weekend (big shopping, as it were). Rubicon juice was on sale. It expires in 2 months time and we have 6 boxes to drink before then. My meals now consist of a carton of rubicon a day plus a variety of different chocolates: caramel hearts for breakfast, peanutbutter hearts for lunch, chocolate orange crunch for dinner and dark chocolate crunch for dessert. All washed down with some guava juice. All part of a maniacal meal plan executed by my smart sister and her adventures in Candy Land.
If I don't get up tomorrow, I died of a glucose-induced coma...
Well, time for bed....pray that i wake up :P
Later days!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Permanent Residents of Sadness


Current Mood: Apathy

Current Mood: Agnus Dei by Libera (sometimes prayers help).

Of all of the months that can be the worst in my recent existence, this one would quickly take the cake and eat it too. What a month! Holy things going wrong everywhere! It finally got bad enough that I cried....twice! I am not a crier. Anybody who knows me can vouch for the fact that I could be in a really bad mood and sometimes I don't handle things with the most grace, but I generally don't burst into tears. But anyway, I guess I'm getting a bit soft these last few years. That doesn't help does it. I'm hoping March will actually be beneficial instead of making me want to stay in bed for the rest of my life.

I thought I would write a bit of serious blog this time around here. In my short life, I think I have learned that when we expect things, they go badly. I think everytime I have had expectations of anything, it hasn't worked in my favour. That's why even in school, I don't expect to live up to any of the reputations that seem to be conferred on me (I'm pretty sure that people think that I'm smart because I wear glasses, where in real life, I'm no smarter than the average bear). Once you start living up to other people's visions of who you are, you lose yourself. And once you begin to expect external events to go your way, they most certainly won't. I think I'm becoming a bit more like my mother in that sometimes it's best left to god what happens in our lives. You just do your best and hope the ground underneath you doesn't open up and swallow you whole. So in that vein, I shall continue to not have any expectations. That way surprises are sweeter and disappointments sting a little less.

I am going to england this year I think. I need a vancouver break. will see if I can go to Rome as well or perhaps Paris....

Okay, now that I've dampened your moods, you can click here to read something funnier. Scott Feschuk follows closely after John Stewart and Strombo on the list of men I'd marry if given the chance.
Well, I hope things improve for me, and stay sunny for you all. Will write when the urge hits again! later days!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Girl Who Cried Prada


Current Mood: I have regained my will to live.

Current Song: Amazing by Seal

Good times to be had lately. This weekend was a fun time. I was at work on Saturday morning for a strategic planning thing. I got a muffin out of it. I can't complain too much. Saturday night i went to dinner at a friend's house. She has a gorgeous place in West point grey with a lovely view of the mountains and the water. About a 10 minute walk from the beach and a lovely built-in bookshelf! *sigh* I want her place! Dinner was lovely and it was fabulous to get out of the house for once and not be embroiled in all things school and work. I wish I had time for more moments like that. I would appreciate it thoroughly, but we gotta deal with what we have. We talked about boys, which as you might know is one of those topics I'm most conversant on...mainly with stating the fact that they're a bunch of sods (kidding!)

Got my economics quiz back. I did the opposite of fail. Everyone has stopped believing me when I overreact now, so I'm basically the boy who cried wolf (or the girl who cried prada). I did nearly stop living in class today. I thought things were going to get less technical. Apparently, i do a hell of a job being wrong.

It is spring break for the rest of the world. We don't get one. Instead I lead a swot analysis on friday at school. Should be fun. I haven't facilitated anything in a while. I have some friends in town which will be lovely this week and then back to the grind. Hopefully I'll have stories to share sometime next week. Can't believe that February is almost up. Someone reminded me that we have about a month and a bit of school left. I got a pretty nasty case of heart palpitations. Oh well. Nearly there. Will miss it terribly. Perhaps I'll go back for a PhD...hmmm..
Anyway, off I go to sleep. It's been a long day. And will probably be a relatively long week. Have a good one everyone! later days!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is Wet Socks


Current Mood: apathetic

Current Song: Sunny Side of the Street by Louis Armstrong.

I guess perfunctory greetings are in order for today: Happy Valentine's Day/ Happy Singles Awareness Day to everyone. I hope it's what you want it to be.

Today I've decided to write on the topic of love, just so I could fit the occassion appropriately.

Love is a funny thing. People don't understand love, because I think that life gives us a tunnel vision about what it's supposed to be. As one very clever columnist wrote in the Vancouver Sun today, Love takes the garbage out, and puts dirty clothes in the hamper. Love is more than roses, and gifts and other random knick knacks that we confer upon eachother so often. Moreover, love is something else entirely in other cases. Love is knowing that you have to let go. Love is not emotionally binding people. Love is not forced.

Love sometimes is just a good conversation with a friend. Love can be a random text message or a courtesy call wondering if you got home alright. Love is arguing the hell out of something that you won't win. Love is plans made, plans cancelled, plans remade.

Somedays emotions scare me. Emotional people scare me as much as anything. Perhaps because I'm never sure what to look. It's an awkward situation. It's like being faced with a woman who is wearing a really low tanktop that even women look. Where else would you put your eyes? Love is a woman in a low tanktop that makes everyone around her uncomfortable.
Love is that really terrible feeling of wanting to vomit from vertigo.

If you can find that, best of luck making it work out...seriously I mean it. For those of us who are quietly waiting, unimposingly on the side, don't worry. Your turn to vomit from happiness will come.
Have a good one everybody.

Monday, February 11, 2008



Current Mood: Headache. But I guess that's not really a mood

Current song: Life Goes On by Beatles (thanks Zoyah!)

Uneventful weekend. I felt very panicked. Economics seems to do that to me all the time. I can't handle this class because I can't think in numbers. I think in words. pretty long flowery words. I can't explain to you why the price of a good has to be larger than the opportunity cost of that good relative to other goods. I don't even know what i said! Stupid gene pool. I happened to be on the wrong end of it. I got no numerical skills. None. Thanks a lot for that.

I'm done venting about how terrible my number memory is.

Well, I am finally thinking of getting that tattoo that I've been pondering about for the last 5 years. I think I may actually go and do it this time around. I want to get something pretty and meaningful. I have yet to find something that if emblazoned on my body, I won't hate in 50 years time. A friend of mine is also going to get one and we plan on going in the spring time and freaking eachother out together. what are friends for afterall eh? I found a great calligrapher with some pretty wicked designs. Only he's in Istanbul! How in the world do I find these folks? Now I have to find a decent tattoo shop (suggestions very welcome!). I showed a design that I wanted to my mother. She seemed rather nonchalant about it. I think I've worn her down sufficiently that she'll have just a minor freak out if i get one. And don't worry. It won't be big enough to raise any eyebrows. I'll leave the eyebrow raising up to my personality :P

Anyway. Long day tomorrow. Another 13 hour school stint and a meeting with my tor-mentor about some kind of thesis they expect me to right. If only they'd get off my back...what do they think I am, a scholar? sheesh. Okay, i'm out. Later days everyone!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's Times Like These Where I Wish I was in Africa...


Current Mood: bit tired, bit sore

Current Song: Talk by Coldplay

It's been a very weird kind of a week. I got very sick last week and I couldn't quite recover by the weekend. Sunday I think was the first day in a while where I have just sat around and done nothing, despite the fact that there was plenty to do. It was soooo boring! Wow, no wonder I keep busy eh? In any case, whatever that horrible disease was that I seemed to have contracted is now gone. I did take a few days off to recoup. Most of them of course, in true Mehnaz style, I ended up working.

The weather has been some nasty rubbish the last few days. Just as we were seeing the end of the tunnel with all of this snow malarkey yesterday, a giant storm hit. A giant snow storm. This meant that many many people ended up being trapped up on the SFU campus. Some of them had to sleep in the gym. Luckily SFU was kind of prepared being located in Siberia. But how terrible for them. I would have started to cry. Or at least I would have spent an inordinate amount of time in the library (because I never do that!). In any case, there is much snow outside, which is causing some manner of alarm for most vancouverites. It's times like these I wish I was somewhere warm and tropical. Oh how I miss Oyster Bay!

All social plans have been postponed due to illness and now weather, so i am really hoping both of them clear up and soon because I'm becoming boring! I have nothing interesting to report. I will report that people should stop flattening the snow when they are standing around because they are making it into ice. I know you need something to do with your feet. If that's the case, find a nice dry spot and do the charlston or something. Don't stand there and flatten the snow. If it doesn't rain the follwoing day, then we're stuck with it being a sheet of ice. Dummies.

Alright, I best be off. I shall blog again soon. Probably on the weekend. Should be good, I hope (though i'm not sure how much more interesting the house can get!). Later days people!