Thursday, January 24, 2008

When One Fungus Meets Another Fungus

Current Mood: not quite tangibly describable

Current Song: Talk by Coldplay (to my ire)

Conversations with my little sister are always interesting. I'm not sure how, but sometimes I don't think we are related...or if we are, only distantly. She happens to a be a collosal ball of mishaps and monopolizes 20 minutes of time at least when she tells you about her day. Her conversation starters are terribly amusing. Below are a few:

"Oh my god, I had the most embarrassing moment of my life. I had to ask my cute TA what the difference is between sex and reproduction..." (uh....)

"When one fungus meets another fungus, they form a fairy ring!"

"Hey, wanna see a dead rat?"

"Ooooooh, guess what club I joined!"

Needless to say, life is always interesting when you make brief forays into the world of dead rats and fungi. And you thought International Development might be interesting. Nope, not when you get to see a dead rat.

This week has been excruciating. I'm trying to get ahead because Saturday is a day full of meetings and I have no time for much else. I am hoping to catch a movie on saturday night, but again we shall see. Life reels by sometimes and you can't imagine. What happened to January? And how close is April! Ack! When i think about it, sudden panic rises up inside me. In a few months I could not be here (don't worry, I'm not expiring...I will write from Katmandu or Kuala Lampur or Geneva)
anyway, it's late and I have to school tomorrow...must sit through more graphs on elasticity, supply and demand and tariff and quota application *snore*
later days!