Monday, January 28, 2008

Men Are Like Snow

Current Mood: meh

Current Song: Benny lava (you know what i'm talking about!)

So, I have a new analogy: Men are like snow. They're pretty to look at but dealing with them is a pain. Plus the aftermath is not pretty. Does that work? I came up with it as I was trudging my way home today from work. Who knew Vancouver could actually handle that much snow. Things however are on the upside of treacherous out there.

Yesterday we had a rollicking good time in the snow. We even took pretty good snow pictures. Zoyah wiped out in a bank of snow, much to my amusement. I laughed. Then she pushed me over a little while later and I ended up with my ass comfortable ensconced in a bank of the white stuff. It's good times. They should however, have mandatory snow days the day after because that's when things get ugly with the wet socks and the perpetual muscle aching from the shovelling that one has to do. However, overall, the experience could have been worse. It wasn't as bad.

I do have one point of contention with the people who call lower-mainlanders pansies when it comes to the snow. They don't understand that we live on what you could very loosely categorize as mountainous terrain. Prairie folk, you deal with flat land. you don't risk falling face down on your way down a slidey hill. Easterners, so we whine about the snow. We get it twice a year! How much time and money do you think we are going to invest in something that doesn't come around that often? Get over yourselves. Yes, I'll whine about the snow. I think it's warranted. And given my sub-equatorial roots, I will make a big stink about it and you will damn well listen! You are welcome to brave the winds and blowing snow. I won't stop you, but please...if you don't want a cup of starbucks coffee to end up on your touque clad head, shut up about it!
Okay, i'm done. Enjoy!

PS: got new laptop today. Internet doesn't work. That is all.