Friday, January 4, 2008

Kids, Words, and Other Extemporanea

Current Mood: A tad coughy

Current Song: Glamorous by Fergie (don't ask)

Ooooh! Exciting news! One of my coworkers brought in a word-of-the-day calendar for us communications staff. It was great! Today's word is Officinal, which means medicinal as in "Halls has officinal qualities to take care of this stupid cough". Now my challenge is to use the word of the day every day. Woo! I only thought chocolate could make me this happy. Apparently, I was wrong. Expanded vocabulary, say hello to the world!

So, I have kind of an issue with teenagers and their parents. I just want to ask, why do parents have this "kids will be kids" attitude with their teenagers? I know as a teenager you're supposed to be exposed to making new choices (blue eye shadow or green?) and getting into the real world situations that will eventually prepare you for the cesspool that life consists of, but I think that some parents are too laissez-faire with their children. It would be nice to see someone say no once in a while. No, Suzie, we will not take you to the mall on a whim because it is at the moment inconvenient for your father and I. Is that too hard? Sure, they sulk for about a day or so and they they eventually get over themselves. Furthermore, catering to their every need is just sort of wrong. I wonder if people just have trouble moderating. Buck up parents, they're your children! jeez. In my day, you'd have a slipper thrown at you for talking back...oh wait, that was last week (hehehe)

Today was the premiere of A Voice of Reason: The Aga Khan and the Ismailis. Reasonably well done. It was a bit like Ismailism 101, which i didn't mind. I learned a few things that even I didn't know....don't worry, I'm not embarrassed...just don't ask me too many hard questions or i'll end up giving you wrong information....eesh....
Okay, it's getting late and i'm getting sleepy....i shall correspond again soon....happy happy!


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