Monday, January 14, 2008

Dazed, not so much Confused

Current mood: strangely still awake enough

Current Song: I don't miss you by Norah Jones.

For some odd reason, I've been listening to a lot of chick music lately. It finally got depressing enough wherein I had to insert my Finger 11 CD in the care CD player before I positively lost my mind. Being a girl is such a wash sometimes. I don't know why we go around listening to that stuff.

So life has been mostly uneventful from not really leaving the house. Last week was alright. I always get terribly reminiscent when it rains in January. It's a terrible odd feeling, and I got a bit down last week because of it. But then I decided the best policy when things like that happen is to suck it up and move on with it.

As most of you will know (or both of you that actually bother reading my blog), my hairstylist left for California last month, leaving me of course in dire straits (or dire curlies?). Mum suggested I try her hairstylist who does a fairly decent job on her. However I'm terrified to death of the whole thing. Hairstylist share a near marriage intimacy with you. After all you don't just let anyone go around touching your hair! So switching hairdressers is like ending a long marriage and going on a first date for the first time after that. What do you do? What do you say? What if she thinks I'm weird? Needless to say I'm feeling very insecure. And most of you will also know the general state of my curly hair which takes herculean efforts to maintain at the best of times. If all of you praying and non praying could have a moment of silence for me on saturday morning I would much appreciate it.

In the meantime, i'm going to go on my merry way and cough to death. I still sound like a wheezy old man. Zoyah has started calling me Old Mr. Thawer. How terrible. Anyway, must be off to bed. 12 hour day to contend with. Ciao for Niao!