Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Third Time's a Pain


Current Mood: I just woke up so I'm not amused

Current Song: Hurt by Christina Aguilera

This is the third day of the snow fall. It is getting ridiculous now. Yesterday I spent nearly an hour shovelling the stuff from around the car and in the walkway. I was not amused then either. I woke up this morning only to find that we've had another three or four inches of the white stuff. I give up. Mother Nature, you're a formidable enemy and my blue shovel is no match for you. Also, you're a woman and that should teach anybody to mess with a woman. You win! Make it go away already!

So I finally got the new laptop working. That was an exercise in itself too! There was much unplugging of wires and waiting for 30 seconds before plugging back in. I am typing from it right now! It's a bit awkward mind you because I'm not really used to the keys and I keep unnecessarily hitting the capsLOCK BUTTON...oops.

I have a sore throat again. I don't know why. I'm not terribly stressed out or anything. In fact, I'm actually ahead with the work that I'm doing so I'm not really sure what's going on. I think it's probably just the weather and the being indoors! Oh god! How I crave to go for a run on a sunny spring day! Alas,, all I'll get out of it is a major cramp in the butt from trudging through snowy drifts, which I'm not partial to.

Okay, it's nearly 8 am. I think it might be a good idea if I had a lie down or something and see how we make out with chasing this cold away. I think a bowl of soup is in order for lunch!
Have a good snowy day everyone! Later days!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Men Are Like Snow


Current Mood: meh

Current Song: Benny lava (you know what i'm talking about!)

So, I have a new analogy: Men are like snow. They're pretty to look at but dealing with them is a pain. Plus the aftermath is not pretty. Does that work? I came up with it as I was trudging my way home today from work. Who knew Vancouver could actually handle that much snow. Things however are on the upside of treacherous out there.

Yesterday we had a rollicking good time in the snow. We even took pretty good snow pictures. Zoyah wiped out in a bank of snow, much to my amusement. I laughed. Then she pushed me over a little while later and I ended up with my ass comfortable ensconced in a bank of the white stuff. It's good times. They should however, have mandatory snow days the day after because that's when things get ugly with the wet socks and the perpetual muscle aching from the shovelling that one has to do. However, overall, the experience could have been worse. It wasn't as bad.

I do have one point of contention with the people who call lower-mainlanders pansies when it comes to the snow. They don't understand that we live on what you could very loosely categorize as mountainous terrain. Prairie folk, you deal with flat land. you don't risk falling face down on your way down a slidey hill. Easterners, so we whine about the snow. We get it twice a year! How much time and money do you think we are going to invest in something that doesn't come around that often? Get over yourselves. Yes, I'll whine about the snow. I think it's warranted. And given my sub-equatorial roots, I will make a big stink about it and you will damn well listen! You are welcome to brave the winds and blowing snow. I won't stop you, but please...if you don't want a cup of starbucks coffee to end up on your touque clad head, shut up about it!
Okay, i'm done. Enjoy!

PS: got new laptop today. Internet doesn't work. That is all.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

When One Fungus Meets Another Fungus


Current Mood: not quite tangibly describable

Current Song: Talk by Coldplay (to my ire)

Conversations with my little sister are always interesting. I'm not sure how, but sometimes I don't think we are related...or if we are, only distantly. She happens to a be a collosal ball of mishaps and monopolizes 20 minutes of time at least when she tells you about her day. Her conversation starters are terribly amusing. Below are a few:

"Oh my god, I had the most embarrassing moment of my life. I had to ask my cute TA what the difference is between sex and reproduction..." (uh....)

"When one fungus meets another fungus, they form a fairy ring!"

"Hey, wanna see a dead rat?"

"Ooooooh, guess what club I joined!"

Needless to say, life is always interesting when you make brief forays into the world of dead rats and fungi. And you thought International Development might be interesting. Nope, not when you get to see a dead rat.

This week has been excruciating. I'm trying to get ahead because Saturday is a day full of meetings and I have no time for much else. I am hoping to catch a movie on saturday night, but again we shall see. Life reels by sometimes and you can't imagine. What happened to January? And how close is April! Ack! When i think about it, sudden panic rises up inside me. In a few months I could not be here (don't worry, I'm not expiring...I will write from Katmandu or Kuala Lampur or Geneva)
anyway, it's late and I have to school tomorrow...must sit through more graphs on elasticity, supply and demand and tariff and quota application *snore*
later days!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Genetically Modified Sensibilities


Current Mood: alert, but not creepily so.

Current Song: Whatever it takes by Ron Sexsmith

I haven't blogged in a week. This is not good. I apologize to the both of you that actually read this malarkey. I shall try my utmost to be more engaged. I have taken to whining and being as lazy as I possibly can afford to be. However, it's not as successful as one might like it to be.

So this weekend, I finally finally went to my new hair stylist. I have never been more terrified in my life. As most of you will know, I don't take well to changes in my environment. Kind of makes me like an antelope. I scurry away quickly when changes come along. Sadly, my hair stylist has moved to sunny California and left me with all of this hair. So I went. First thing she did was give me a shampoo, something that hairdressers don't do to my hair. They're afraid of the curl (but it's more afraid of them than they are of it). Then she took out a roller brush the size of a tire and proceeded to blow dry adding the volume that I so lack. Then she cut it some more after flat ironing the whole thing. It ended up looking very short and then i had a bit of a freak out becuase I didn't look anything like myself. So after I washed it and sufficiently recovered for the shock, I discovered that it wasn't a bad haircut and that I can rock this if need be. However, i shall be needing opinions for those of you who might see me sometime soon.

Today i had a nice dinner with my sister and a friend of ours. We have all come to the conclusion that there are no men our age that we would want anything to do with. Sad. Such intelligent and good looking women and nobody for them. Well, I think I'm going to start a dating website for non-creepy ismailis (only those with IQs over 125 may register). that should significantly cut the riffraff down. Then we shall see. Watch it end up being all women...sheesh....
Anyway, i best be on my way. I have to finish reading about transgenic varieties of crop while I eat this genetically modified apple here.
I promise to write sooner than I have....later days!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dazed, not so much Confused


Current mood: strangely still awake enough

Current Song: I don't miss you by Norah Jones.

For some odd reason, I've been listening to a lot of chick music lately. It finally got depressing enough wherein I had to insert my Finger 11 CD in the care CD player before I positively lost my mind. Being a girl is such a wash sometimes. I don't know why we go around listening to that stuff.

So life has been mostly uneventful from not really leaving the house. Last week was alright. I always get terribly reminiscent when it rains in January. It's a terrible odd feeling, and I got a bit down last week because of it. But then I decided the best policy when things like that happen is to suck it up and move on with it.

As most of you will know (or both of you that actually bother reading my blog), my hairstylist left for California last month, leaving me of course in dire straits (or dire curlies?). Mum suggested I try her hairstylist who does a fairly decent job on her. However I'm terrified to death of the whole thing. Hairstylist share a near marriage intimacy with you. After all you don't just let anyone go around touching your hair! So switching hairdressers is like ending a long marriage and going on a first date for the first time after that. What do you do? What do you say? What if she thinks I'm weird? Needless to say I'm feeling very insecure. And most of you will also know the general state of my curly hair which takes herculean efforts to maintain at the best of times. If all of you praying and non praying could have a moment of silence for me on saturday morning I would much appreciate it.

In the meantime, i'm going to go on my merry way and cough to death. I still sound like a wheezy old man. Zoyah has started calling me Old Mr. Thawer. How terrible. Anyway, must be off to bed. 12 hour day to contend with. Ciao for Niao!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008



Current Mood: Not sure how i'm feeling. A bit burdened I think...

Current Song: Set Adrift on Memory Bliss by PM Dawn (stop laughing....)

Today is the first day of school. Not sure how I feel about that. I already started reading. I know, keener, right? Well, this semester we're going to try and do things a bit differently, although I'm pretty sure I've figured this time management thing out well. I guess it's just a bit scary that the next 4 months will decisively determine a lot of things, and a year can pass by very quickly, and I guess that's also starting to hit me a bit more. I'm just flexing those wings. We'll see about taking flight.

So on Sunday, I caught a new show called Cashmere Mafia. It's like a more successful version of Sex and the City. Although the women are powerful in the show and hold some very high up kinds of positions, they still for some reason seem to be a complete mess otherwise. Mia Mason (a character played by Lucy Liu) got engaged and in the same breath had to compete with her new fiance for the position of Publishing Director at the magazine she worked for. She got the job like she deserves, however the fiance suddenly said he can't be in a relationship with a woman that is more successful than he is. What?! Are you kidding me! I have a very close good friend who is under the persistent impression that women are stupid. I constantly argue against that. We are faced with far more obstacles as far as I'm concerned (not to mention those bloody hormones. feast or famine I tells ya!) it's sad to me that a woman has to give up hopes for a successful relationship because her professional life is successful. I know some of you are thinking, "dude, it's a show. chill yeah." However, on a less extreme level, successful women do scare off men. Just because we refuse to be needy doesn't make us any less worthy of attention and care. Afterall, don't we look after our valuables well? I guess the operative here is value. Huh. Who knew I was about to go on and on about this.

Other than that, many projects are coming up and I've been sick this week. The cough is now hideous, but that means it's going away and then I can get back to routinely stressing myself out. Yay! Okay, time to get prepped for my scholarly endeavours. Smell ya later!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Kids, Words, and Other Extemporanea


Current Mood: A tad coughy

Current Song: Glamorous by Fergie (don't ask)

Ooooh! Exciting news! One of my coworkers brought in a word-of-the-day calendar for us communications staff. It was great! Today's word is Officinal, which means medicinal as in "Halls has officinal qualities to take care of this stupid cough". Now my challenge is to use the word of the day every day. Woo! I only thought chocolate could make me this happy. Apparently, I was wrong. Expanded vocabulary, say hello to the world!

So, I have kind of an issue with teenagers and their parents. I just want to ask, why do parents have this "kids will be kids" attitude with their teenagers? I know as a teenager you're supposed to be exposed to making new choices (blue eye shadow or green?) and getting into the real world situations that will eventually prepare you for the cesspool that life consists of, but I think that some parents are too laissez-faire with their children. It would be nice to see someone say no once in a while. No, Suzie, we will not take you to the mall on a whim because it is at the moment inconvenient for your father and I. Is that too hard? Sure, they sulk for about a day or so and they they eventually get over themselves. Furthermore, catering to their every need is just sort of wrong. I wonder if people just have trouble moderating. Buck up parents, they're your children! jeez. In my day, you'd have a slipper thrown at you for talking back...oh wait, that was last week (hehehe)

Today was the premiere of A Voice of Reason: The Aga Khan and the Ismailis. Reasonably well done. It was a bit like Ismailism 101, which i didn't mind. I learned a few things that even I didn't know....don't worry, I'm not embarrassed...just don't ask me too many hard questions or i'll end up giving you wrong information....eesh....
Okay, it's getting late and i'm getting sleepy....i shall correspond again soon....happy happy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008



Current Mood: sleepy

Current Song: Too Late to Apologize by OneRepublic

Happy New Year everyone! I'm back! (not that I ever really left). New Year's was uneventful. We watched a movie and for some odd reason I was hit with the urge to clean my closet at midnight. Perhaps it was some sort of symbolic purging. I noticed I have a very hard time throwing away things that are black. On the other hand, i cleaned a good deal of it out. I still feel I could do with less clothing. The room is clean and ready to go for the new year. I also went shopping. Great Deals! Got a bunch of new things. clothes clothes clothes. It's great...and now I don't have to walk around in a towel anymore. That's a bit of a relief seeing as it's still winter and a bit "nippy" shall we say.

I am feeling terribly lost right now. I don't have my new Letts of London planner. It's still in the mail. And I haven't gone to Calendar club to buy my new Calendar. I feel a bit like I'm groping around in the dark. So many things to plan and no paper to plan it on! My, it's going to be one tough week.

On the bright side, or not, school starts again next week. I don't feel prepared at all. I haven't started reading and I certainly haven't had much of a chance to think about my thesis. I guess I could use part of the weekend to do that. It would be a wise idea. So much already coming up in the next couple of weeks. Life is about to speed right up again.
Planning to start playing badminton this weekend again. I feel like a lardo right now. Too much cake and sugar and cookies over the last couple of weeks. Must get back into shape. Need to look like Dr. John Marshall, Resident Physician, United States by the summer!
anyway kids, must be off to bed. Will write soon-ish. Probably about how painful badminton was after several years of having opted out. Look forward to it I say! Later days!