Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life's Little Treats

Current Mood: :P

Current Song: Ghosts by Wintersleep.

Almost done the essay. Almost...there....can...see...the....end! I have to edit the hell out of it and then it can leave me forever, or at least until I get it back. God, I can't stand waiting for my grades. It's so fishy!

Yesterday I watched "Clash of the Choirs". If you are not a loser and addicted to anything that remotely resembles reality TV, here's what it's about: It's basically 5 famous recording artists who hand-pick a choir and teach them to perform some little ditty. The winner, by process of elimination gets a prize of a quarter of a million smackaroos to donate to a charity of their choice. I actually thought they did a relatively good job for the most part. Kelly Rowland's choir sang "Freedom" and did a great job. I had no idea Patti Labelle was such a bitch though. Holy mother! She was mean and laughed at people. It got Zoyah all riled up, and she proclaimed that she would be writing a letter to Ms. Labelle. Wow. It's not freaking Idol! Calm down Patti! Her choir was the best, admittedly, but being so mean about it just didn't suit, I tell you.

I discovered a pet peeve yesterday. I seem to be having more and more of them as I get older. By the time I'm old, if you ever have the displeasure of meeting me, you're going to be in for quite the treat I tells ya! I hate it when people say "See You Later" or worse "I'll talk to you later". It feels hideously far away. I much rather like when people say "soon". I think that when they say later, I've been in cases where later means never and if I like the person, that's not generally a good thing. So, if you ever talk to me, please say, "I'll talk to you soon" It'll help me navigate my abandonment issues :)

Okay, must get to work, for the day is long, and that's what good people do. Later days!