Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Last One for the Year!

Current Mood: ruminating

Current Song: Alice by Tom Waits

Well, ladies and gents I think this might be the last blog of the year. I remember this time last year I had switched over to this platform right after camp. Ah those were the days. No actually, they really weren't the days. This year has been remotely kind to me, and so I can't complain. 2006 was horrible, and most of 2005 had me in complete visceral knots, so 2007 has kicked their asses so much as I can say. It's been good times being 25 too. People are right when they say things improve slightly as we get older.

No boxing day for me. I ended up sick and trying to recover from whatever it was that has housed itself in my body for the last few months...So I must go sometime soon. I got good stuff for christmas and am nearly done eating up all of that baking...mmmmm....seriously, you could easily gain 20 pounds over the holidays. Although, i really have lost my taste for sweets now and need to rest until valentine's day. Oooh! and I got Great Psychologists finger puppet magnet thingies! Okay, I realize that didn't make sense, but it was terribly thoughtful of zoyah to get me a stuffed freud complete with couch!

Should be an interesting weekend. Hope to get some sleep at least. May report back early in the new year. If I don't have some very exciting news, or a complete meltdown, have a wonderful new year thing or whatever, and we shall correspond soon! later days!