Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If Music Be the Food Of Love, Then Shut Up

Current Mood: Exhausted and kind of sick

Current Song: Oddly something Bhangra related. weird.

Had the exam yesterday. A bit freaked out that I might not have written enough and that it was too easy. Oh well. What's done is done. Although I seem to be losing considerable amounts of precious valuable sleep over it. Bad bad. Now two more papers left before they let me out to enjoy the rest of 2007 and before I am accosted by 2008 full force. Ah, but I am looking forward to more sleep and more relaxing days and reading books for fun, and eating til im sick. That is the life.

Today I was reading the newspaper on my way to work and I came across an article on PETA's new media campaign. Apparently despite diplomatic pleas (read accosting people), the Olson twins have refused to stop wearing fur for whatever reason. Now their new website module has labelled the Olson Twins as the Trollson Twins, Hairy-Kate and Trashley. As someone who is rather sensitive to media campaigns (I do after all have a hand in crafting some of them), I think this is the lowest type of campaign you can do. Rather than informin ng people as a proper media campaign should do, this one has taken to low blow mud-slinging. If PETA is an organization who wants its mandate taken seriously, they need to rethink their campaigns. Moreover, it is an insult to the average informed citizen to have this sort of tripe published everywhere. People are perfectly able to discern that wearing fur is frowned upon to say the least. We don't need this sort of juvenile behaviour from international organizations. How about People for the Ethical Treatment of People? Now I don't have an overwhelming love in my heart for animals or people for that matter. But some things just bother me.

Alright. Must be off to sleep! Much to do tomorrow! Later Days!