Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Whatever Everyone!

Current Mood: Sore throat and headache, so very very tired

Current song: that one from the old navy advert.

Finally off last friday for the rest of the year until school begins again in January. I am finally catching that cold that I have been asking for since the fall! This headache and the chills are my favourite part of christmas. ugh. However, the fun part has been that I have not been home since Friday.

On saturday was the big do at the PNE, and that was rather lovely. Much dancing and merriment. Plus as usual I got to dress up and look great, as one might. And the following day was a lovely dinner at a family friend's house, which was quite nice. Zoyah got to indulge in all things christmasy and holiday-ish.

I am less cranky this year. Although the overabundance of bad christmas movies isn't helping me sustain a good mood. I just had the painful experience of watching Christmas with the Kranks. It was a terrible movie. Just brutal. You think the Santa Claus movies by Tim Allen are bad? wow. Wait til you get a load of this. They should start support groups for people who have to be exposed to the trauma of bad Tim Allen christmas movies. Or perhaps any TV channel that shows them should make some sort of concessions to its audience in case we're accidentally exposed. Scrooge would have had a field day with the amount of Cranky one would have to hurl at that movie. Even Zoyah thought it was terrible, and she makes Santa Claus' wife look like Ursula the Sea Hag.

Well, tomorrow will be my first day off after a while of not working. I intend on spending it on the couch ensconced between cushions mindlessly handing myself over to hours of watching the christmas log. I look forward to it. To everyone, have a great whatever-you-celebrate! We shall blog soon again! Happy Egg Nog!