Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dream Queen

Current Mood: headachey (I think i'm grinding my chompers down again!)

Current Song: Dream by not sure who.

I've been having some very strange dreams the last couple of days. Really strange. School related. Wonder what will happen when I start working in the field. My first dream was that I was at the movies with a bunch of friends, whose faces I don't remember. And for some reason after the movie, I felt compelled to explain to them what the Kuznet's Curve was. Basically it's a statistical curve that outlines the relationship between inequality and income (see? here I am trying to explain it to you!). I woke up thinking, what the hell!

My second dream sent me to Ethiopia to look for some poor child in a marketplace. why I was looking for her, I don't know. But apparently it must have been important enough that I had to fly into Ethiopia. I swear, school is starting to get to me.

In non-school related news, yesterday, we went to sing at a workshop at the Vancouver Public Library. It went really well and for a complete surprise, I ended up singing my piece with the audience, except now I think my voice is suffering a bit. It's really hoarse. I guess after not singing for 2 years almost and then throwing yourself into it is like sticking your hand on a stove element that's on! Oh well. I have decided that I will be singing more next year. I need an outlet and singing is a good one and always has been. *sigh*. I do feel energized about it, and it was great to know Zoyah and I still sound amazing together :)

Okay, I have a presentation at school, so I had better go and freak out over there now. Until later!