Friday, December 7, 2007

A Conversation, if you will

Current Mood: little under the weather

Current Song: Happy Hannukkah Chandler and Monica

The following is a conversation between a bio student (who has to take physics) and an international development grad student (if you haven't figured it out, it's me and Zoyah)

Zoyah: So I have a question to ask you

Me: Uh oh

Zoyah: So a plane is flying over a place to deliver some food....

Me: The World Food Program was working??

Zoyah: Uh, i'm not done the question.

Me: Oh sorry

Zoyah: So a plane is flying over a place and drops a package of food into a village, what path does the package of food take as it goes towards the ground...

Me: hmmmm...that is probably part of the aid for consumption program. Well, at least someone got food.

Zoyah: This is pointless...

Me: yes, let's stop.

I'm currently on my first of 4 days not leaving the house. It feels like a bad episode of Big Brother, except I don't get to win a prize at the end. How sad. Oh well. As long as we make it through until the 21st. I hear it's the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's thriller video. You don't need to see the video. Just come over cuz i look like a zombie from it. Gaunt, and bags under my eyes, that I would have to check if I was travelling...Subsisting on a diet of rice cakes, bottled water, soda crackers and yogurt...horrible.
Okay, i'm going to go and study, or try and stop studying....or sleep or study...not sure...see you when the delirium wears off... (o_o)