Sunday, December 16, 2007

But I Swear It's Good!

Current Mood: percolating

Current Song: Take Over by Seal

My mother has managed to lie to me. She makes this sweet potato pudding that is comprised of milk, cardamom, some other stuff and sweet potatoes. It looks atrocious when it's cooking and the taste is no better. Well, the taste is alright; it's the texture that does me in. I had it as a child and generally let it sit in my mouth for fear that spewing it out would be rude in front of all my family members. I have yet to be convinced it was good. So she made a batch of this drabbish pudding today and tried to convince me to try it with her "vontoo trai? it's reeely good!" I made a face and shook my head. She then had to leave for prayers and asked if I could empty it out into a bowl and stick it in the fridge. So I begrudgingly let it flop into the bowl and was getting the rest of it out of the bowl. Some of it just happened to end up on my finger. Running out of options (if I wipe it on the dish towel, she'll know!), I licked it off. It was as terrible as I remember. Mothers know a lot of stuff, but they sure can have some pretty shadey judgement...

I had the honour (or something) of watching the He-Man and She-Rah Xmas TV special. It's sad but i still think that it's cool. i don't care if I'm 25. The horrible puns and the really terrible animation brought back a lot of childhood memories. Although I'm certain kids these days would not be amused. Back then things were simple. You only got rid of Skeletor by throwing him across the battlefield. Not by zapping him to death with some kind of superlaser. And you said "Need a hand with that sister?" It would amuse nobody, except me.

Okay, I'm done blogging. enjoy. we shall reconvene sometime soon again.