Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Last One for the Year!


Current Mood: ruminating

Current Song: Alice by Tom Waits

Well, ladies and gents I think this might be the last blog of the year. I remember this time last year I had switched over to this platform right after camp. Ah those were the days. No actually, they really weren't the days. This year has been remotely kind to me, and so I can't complain. 2006 was horrible, and most of 2005 had me in complete visceral knots, so 2007 has kicked their asses so much as I can say. It's been good times being 25 too. People are right when they say things improve slightly as we get older.

No boxing day for me. I ended up sick and trying to recover from whatever it was that has housed itself in my body for the last few months...So I must go sometime soon. I got good stuff for christmas and am nearly done eating up all of that baking...mmmmm....seriously, you could easily gain 20 pounds over the holidays. Although, i really have lost my taste for sweets now and need to rest until valentine's day. Oooh! and I got Great Psychologists finger puppet magnet thingies! Okay, I realize that didn't make sense, but it was terribly thoughtful of zoyah to get me a stuffed freud complete with couch!

Should be an interesting weekend. Hope to get some sleep at least. May report back early in the new year. If I don't have some very exciting news, or a complete meltdown, have a wonderful new year thing or whatever, and we shall correspond soon! later days!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Whatever Everyone!


Current Mood: Sore throat and headache, so very very tired

Current song: that one from the old navy advert.

Finally off last friday for the rest of the year until school begins again in January. I am finally catching that cold that I have been asking for since the fall! This headache and the chills are my favourite part of christmas. ugh. However, the fun part has been that I have not been home since Friday.

On saturday was the big do at the PNE, and that was rather lovely. Much dancing and merriment. Plus as usual I got to dress up and look great, as one might. And the following day was a lovely dinner at a family friend's house, which was quite nice. Zoyah got to indulge in all things christmasy and holiday-ish.

I am less cranky this year. Although the overabundance of bad christmas movies isn't helping me sustain a good mood. I just had the painful experience of watching Christmas with the Kranks. It was a terrible movie. Just brutal. You think the Santa Claus movies by Tim Allen are bad? wow. Wait til you get a load of this. They should start support groups for people who have to be exposed to the trauma of bad Tim Allen christmas movies. Or perhaps any TV channel that shows them should make some sort of concessions to its audience in case we're accidentally exposed. Scrooge would have had a field day with the amount of Cranky one would have to hurl at that movie. Even Zoyah thought it was terrible, and she makes Santa Claus' wife look like Ursula the Sea Hag.

Well, tomorrow will be my first day off after a while of not working. I intend on spending it on the couch ensconced between cushions mindlessly handing myself over to hours of watching the christmas log. I look forward to it. To everyone, have a great whatever-you-celebrate! We shall blog soon again! Happy Egg Nog!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life's Little Treats


Current Mood: :P

Current Song: Ghosts by Wintersleep.

Almost done the essay. Almost...there....can...see...the....end! I have to edit the hell out of it and then it can leave me forever, or at least until I get it back. God, I can't stand waiting for my grades. It's so fishy!

Yesterday I watched "Clash of the Choirs". If you are not a loser and addicted to anything that remotely resembles reality TV, here's what it's about: It's basically 5 famous recording artists who hand-pick a choir and teach them to perform some little ditty. The winner, by process of elimination gets a prize of a quarter of a million smackaroos to donate to a charity of their choice. I actually thought they did a relatively good job for the most part. Kelly Rowland's choir sang "Freedom" and did a great job. I had no idea Patti Labelle was such a bitch though. Holy mother! She was mean and laughed at people. It got Zoyah all riled up, and she proclaimed that she would be writing a letter to Ms. Labelle. Wow. It's not freaking Idol! Calm down Patti! Her choir was the best, admittedly, but being so mean about it just didn't suit, I tell you.

I discovered a pet peeve yesterday. I seem to be having more and more of them as I get older. By the time I'm old, if you ever have the displeasure of meeting me, you're going to be in for quite the treat I tells ya! I hate it when people say "See You Later" or worse "I'll talk to you later". It feels hideously far away. I much rather like when people say "soon". I think that when they say later, I've been in cases where later means never and if I like the person, that's not generally a good thing. So, if you ever talk to me, please say, "I'll talk to you soon" It'll help me navigate my abandonment issues :)

Okay, must get to work, for the day is long, and that's what good people do. Later days!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

But I Swear It's Good!


Current Mood: percolating

Current Song: Take Over by Seal

My mother has managed to lie to me. She makes this sweet potato pudding that is comprised of milk, cardamom, some other stuff and sweet potatoes. It looks atrocious when it's cooking and the taste is no better. Well, the taste is alright; it's the texture that does me in. I had it as a child and generally let it sit in my mouth for fear that spewing it out would be rude in front of all my family members. I have yet to be convinced it was good. So she made a batch of this drabbish pudding today and tried to convince me to try it with her "vontoo trai? it's reeely good!" I made a face and shook my head. She then had to leave for prayers and asked if I could empty it out into a bowl and stick it in the fridge. So I begrudgingly let it flop into the bowl and was getting the rest of it out of the bowl. Some of it just happened to end up on my finger. Running out of options (if I wipe it on the dish towel, she'll know!), I licked it off. It was as terrible as I remember. Mothers know a lot of stuff, but they sure can have some pretty shadey judgement...

I had the honour (or something) of watching the He-Man and She-Rah Xmas TV special. It's sad but i still think that it's cool. i don't care if I'm 25. The horrible puns and the really terrible animation brought back a lot of childhood memories. Although I'm certain kids these days would not be amused. Back then things were simple. You only got rid of Skeletor by throwing him across the battlefield. Not by zapping him to death with some kind of superlaser. And you said "Need a hand with that sister?" It would amuse nobody, except me.

Okay, I'm done blogging. enjoy. we shall reconvene sometime soon again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If Music Be the Food Of Love, Then Shut Up


Current Mood: Exhausted and kind of sick

Current Song: Oddly something Bhangra related. weird.

Had the exam yesterday. A bit freaked out that I might not have written enough and that it was too easy. Oh well. What's done is done. Although I seem to be losing considerable amounts of precious valuable sleep over it. Bad bad. Now two more papers left before they let me out to enjoy the rest of 2007 and before I am accosted by 2008 full force. Ah, but I am looking forward to more sleep and more relaxing days and reading books for fun, and eating til im sick. That is the life.

Today I was reading the newspaper on my way to work and I came across an article on PETA's new media campaign. Apparently despite diplomatic pleas (read accosting people), the Olson twins have refused to stop wearing fur for whatever reason. Now their new website module has labelled the Olson Twins as the Trollson Twins, Hairy-Kate and Trashley. As someone who is rather sensitive to media campaigns (I do after all have a hand in crafting some of them), I think this is the lowest type of campaign you can do. Rather than informin ng people as a proper media campaign should do, this one has taken to low blow mud-slinging. If PETA is an organization who wants its mandate taken seriously, they need to rethink their campaigns. Moreover, it is an insult to the average informed citizen to have this sort of tripe published everywhere. People are perfectly able to discern that wearing fur is frowned upon to say the least. We don't need this sort of juvenile behaviour from international organizations. How about People for the Ethical Treatment of People? Now I don't have an overwhelming love in my heart for animals or people for that matter. But some things just bother me.

Alright. Must be off to sleep! Much to do tomorrow! Later Days!

Friday, December 7, 2007

A Conversation, if you will


Current Mood: little under the weather

Current Song: Happy Hannukkah Chandler and Monica

The following is a conversation between a bio student (who has to take physics) and an international development grad student (if you haven't figured it out, it's me and Zoyah)

Zoyah: So I have a question to ask you

Me: Uh oh

Zoyah: So a plane is flying over a place to deliver some food....

Me: The World Food Program was working??

Zoyah: Uh, i'm not done the question.

Me: Oh sorry

Zoyah: So a plane is flying over a place and drops a package of food into a village, what path does the package of food take as it goes towards the ground...

Me: hmmmm...that is probably part of the aid for consumption program. Well, at least someone got food.

Zoyah: This is pointless...

Me: yes, let's stop.

I'm currently on my first of 4 days not leaving the house. It feels like a bad episode of Big Brother, except I don't get to win a prize at the end. How sad. Oh well. As long as we make it through until the 21st. I hear it's the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's thriller video. You don't need to see the video. Just come over cuz i look like a zombie from it. Gaunt, and bags under my eyes, that I would have to check if I was travelling...Subsisting on a diet of rice cakes, bottled water, soda crackers and yogurt...horrible.
Okay, i'm going to go and study, or try and stop studying....or sleep or study...not sure...see you when the delirium wears off... (o_o)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dream Queen


Current Mood: headachey (I think i'm grinding my chompers down again!)

Current Song: Dream by not sure who.

I've been having some very strange dreams the last couple of days. Really strange. School related. Wonder what will happen when I start working in the field. My first dream was that I was at the movies with a bunch of friends, whose faces I don't remember. And for some reason after the movie, I felt compelled to explain to them what the Kuznet's Curve was. Basically it's a statistical curve that outlines the relationship between inequality and income (see? here I am trying to explain it to you!). I woke up thinking, what the hell!

My second dream sent me to Ethiopia to look for some poor child in a marketplace. why I was looking for her, I don't know. But apparently it must have been important enough that I had to fly into Ethiopia. I swear, school is starting to get to me.

In non-school related news, yesterday, we went to sing at a workshop at the Vancouver Public Library. It went really well and for a complete surprise, I ended up singing my piece with the audience, except now I think my voice is suffering a bit. It's really hoarse. I guess after not singing for 2 years almost and then throwing yourself into it is like sticking your hand on a stove element that's on! Oh well. I have decided that I will be singing more next year. I need an outlet and singing is a good one and always has been. *sigh*. I do feel energized about it, and it was great to know Zoyah and I still sound amazing together :)

Okay, I have a presentation at school, so I had better go and freak out over there now. Until later!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Noah's Field Day


Current Mood: To be determined (it's too early)

Current Song: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne (stupid Breakfast television news)

I've been sitting for the last 4 days. My butt officially hurts. And today I get to sit some more! Joy to the world. This whole studying thing is getting very disagreeable, although it is helping that the weather is really rather deplorable and so there is a distict lack of motivation to go outside. In fact I would probably give my left foot not to have to commute to work (that's right, you heard me).

I finished my paper for the middle east class! I nearly threw myself a small party in the wake, before remembering that I have 2 more to write, and to top it off nicely, a presentation tomorrow that I have prepared for, but don't really know what I'm talking about. It should make for an interesting question and answer period. SIGH. Exam next week....eek!

I am in disbelief that it is december. It somehow is very odd. What happened to 2007? It left as soon as it arrived. Great testament to how old I'm getting and soon I will be thirty and not even know when it happened. Be that as it may, I think getting older is fantastic. People are less stupid (not by much, but still). Just going to ride out December and welcome a new year full of excitement. Next year's goal: Travel! At least a little bit. Even if it's for work.

Alright, I have to go to work now, where i will resume panicking about how much school work I have left to do. Should make for an interesting time. Later days!