Thursday, November 15, 2007


Current Mood: Tired, on the verge of burnout

Current Song: Delirious by Mario Spinetti

I just watched a great episode of Grey's Anatomy. It was really quite the relatable one for me. I tend to think of myself slightly as Miranda Bailey. She is a no-nonsense resident, incredibly smart (it's debatable for me!), and ruthlessly straightforward. On today's episode, one of her patients was a highschool "friend", who was a busy football player, whose homework she used to do, or rather tutor him to do his own homework. It was amazing to see her turn as was so aptly put, into a "blithering idiot". She most certainly did turn right into one. Giggly schoolgirly, almost out of character. It just made me think of how the strongest people can have one person that drives them to complete weakness. No matter how much sensibility one employs and how many rational choices one makes, there is always that one person that can drive a dagger right into your logic. We all have that one person. All mistakes are forgiven, all indiscretions overlooked, all insignificant details stored in vivid detail. Sad, really isn't it? I guess in the end that is what humanizes us. But really, does it have to rip us apart? I've always wondered.

Things are getting increasingly intense, and now a small army of some kind of virulant organism has settled in my throat and is infiltrating all penetrable barriers. I am getting sick. Rather I'm fighting it with all my will. I think the flu or plague or rickets or whatever it is, is going to have to wait until the middle of December! Not on my watch you don't!

Oooh! and I got to go and see a talk by Romeo Dallaire today! For those who don't know, he was in charge of the UN peacekeeping forces during the Rwandan genocide. It was a very interesting talk although I was feeling a bit jaded and I'm really not sure if I agree with everything that he had to say. However, the man is an eloquent speaker and has great credentials. The whole point is to not become a blithering idiot, so i had fun talking to my colleagues about his talk. After all, isn't that what it's all about?
For those of you who want to do something less academic, there is a great (small) exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery on Hornby and Georgia. it's all origami art. Some amazing stuff! I love downtown. I'm moving there, right after I get back from travelling the world!
Well, that's about all I have. Glad for the weekend approaching, but slowly hyperventilating at the thought of the end of semester. Keep checking the blog. If I stop writing, i died somewhere along the way! ciao for niao!