Thursday, November 29, 2007

To Err is Human; To Really Screw Things Up Takes a Committee

Current Mood: ouchie

Current Song: Bye Bye Blackbird by Miles Davis and John Coltrane (do you know how hard it is to keep up a song with no words in your head..especially when it's jazz?)

Everyday I get threatened. I thought I should tell you that. Just the other day my sister threatened to bludgeon me. I am proud of her because she used the word "bludgeon". Last week I think my mother told me she would beat the crap out of me. She actually used the word "crap". Needless to say, I was really amused, even thought it sounded like "krep". I don't know why they threaten me. They just do.

I am highly unmotivated to work anymore. I don't think I should have to. I am excited that next week I get to sing again. There is some presentation going on at the Vancouver Public Library and my sister and I have been asked to sing as part of a group. I tried to practice just the other day...other than sounding like a dying cat at a Santana concert, I ran out of breath and had to lie down after the first verse. It was bad. I don't think I'll live.

3 more weeks and I'm done! yay!
I know I was supposed to blog about something else, but now I can't remember....oh well...i'm sure it'll come to me...for now...later days!