Monday, November 12, 2007

In Retrospect...

Current Mood: Mercurial

Current Song: Irreplaceable by Beyonce (stupid samsung advert!)

I just had a weird little thought when I was on facebook right now. I thought I would share before it disappeared. I suddenly feel very grateful for the endings of things. you know we never do appreciate endings. We only appreciate endings of painful things, like dentist appointments, or really long awful movies or family gatherings. The sooner those are over, the better. We never appreicate the endings of good things. We want them to last forever, but we never realize they won't be happy for eternity. For some reason I think that thought is very much prominent in my mind. When those things end, no matter how sad we are, better things seem to come along. Unless your life has suddenly gotten worse in the last little while, which sucks for you. I think it's because all of the salient things happen to me in the fall. I think i might have said this before, but fall appears to be terribly opportune for me, sometimes even fortuitous. Makes you even more grateful for some of the things that you lose. I guess it's kind of like breaking the strap on one of your favourite purses. It sucks we have to throw it out, but hey, it was a great purse no?

Okay, so I've finished rambling. Had a relatively odd weekend. Nothing to scream and shout about, but nonetheless. Suddenly panicked some time on Sunday and couldn't get out of that mode. Also realized that the hair is at least 2 inches longer than it should be. Can't wait to get it cut, although am slowly bemoaning the loss of my hair stylist. You know that's one relationship i don't have commitment issues with. Boy I'm going to miss that woman. Wonder if i can fly down to california for a haircut every six weeks. Overkill? no? yes?

Alright, that is currently the end of my train of thought. We have reached the last station. Off to bed I get, because tomorrow is tuesday and excessively long for to you all, sooner than later, I hope!