Saturday, November 3, 2007

In The Name of the Fashion Gods

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So I was watching the telly today and Fashion File happened to be on. I love that show and I love looking at all the current trends and seeing who would be insane enough or rich enough to go and buy all that stuff. So anyway, there was a woman on who has written a new book about how Haut Couture fashion houses are no longer selling to their exclusive cleintele. Meaning that most of what they call "haute couture" is now going through the assembly line to be mass marketed. Somehow this is wrong to her. One of the statistics that came up was that 40% of Japanese people own something that's Louis Vuitton. Fair enough. But at the same time the large exclusive fashion houses are missi g out on a huge market of people that don't want to pay 6000 bucks for a pair or shoes, but want the brand. Such is the business. That's why Roberto Cavalli is now offering a brand at H and M. Or Isaac Mizrahi for Fairweather. It's an accessible market and one that is probably more profitable in the long run. I frankly dont blame them for finding a huger market...Plus with the economy of some of the Aisan countries doing so well, who can blame them? such is the beast called Branding. I found is partcularly ironic that this woman is mass publishing a book that she wants to be accessible to everyone, yet at the same time biting the hand of the free market economy. Funny eh?
People are so terribly misled at the best of times...and even more so at the worst of times.
I can't believe I've become one of those people that yawn and say "give me a break. its globalization at work" That master's program has unleashed the beast!
so i just thought i would compalin about that. I am done now I think. Blogs are a great way to bitch!
okay one more day until the beginning of the week. This cycle never ends...never! Okay, I'm off to take advantage of the end of daylight savings time! An extra hour of sleep! yay! Until sometime in the middle of the week!