Monday, November 26, 2007

In the Company of Men

Current Mood: Abysmal (which means things can only get better, right? right? anyone?)

Current Song: Not too Late by Hinder (or one of the bands that sound like them)

So, last week was an interesting week. We had a conference at work, which went much as I can judge from staying there for one morning. And then came the weekend, which didn't have me jump-started to do much of anything. Mind you, I finished a third of a paper I should have started writing a month ago, and I did finish organizing a presentation ahead of schedule so i can't say that I was terribly unproductive.

Saturday night was movie night. I went out with a couple of friends, and my couple of friends ran into a trio of their friends, which essentially amounted to myself being the only one of the female persuasion present in a group of men. What can I say, except for it was neither awkward or uncomfortable. I think the plus side of being amongst men is that I don't have to comment on anyone's outfit or hair or clear skin. The downside is that nobody notices my outfit, hair or clear skin. Oh well, I guess you really can't have everything can you... So women, the company of men is not so bad, and if you're wondering where all the men are, they are apparently at the movies with me on a saturday night....
The movie we saw was American Gangster with Russell Crowe looking as unappealing as a can of old tuna tucked into the back of your pantry and Denzel Washington, the shiniest star in the general hole that might have been harlem in the 60's. It was an excellent movie. Not recommended for children under 25 however on account of the plethora of unwholesome activities going on. I'm glad I went to see it. It was either that or enchanted (gag me).
Okay, so I shall be off to work now. If I can get through the next three weeks alive, we'll be in great shape. Although I'm quite sure I'm coming out the other end looking haggard...eep.
Later days, folks!