Thursday, November 29, 2007

To Err is Human; To Really Screw Things Up Takes a Committee


Current Mood: ouchie

Current Song: Bye Bye Blackbird by Miles Davis and John Coltrane (do you know how hard it is to keep up a song with no words in your head..especially when it's jazz?)

Everyday I get threatened. I thought I should tell you that. Just the other day my sister threatened to bludgeon me. I am proud of her because she used the word "bludgeon". Last week I think my mother told me she would beat the crap out of me. She actually used the word "crap". Needless to say, I was really amused, even thought it sounded like "krep". I don't know why they threaten me. They just do.

I am highly unmotivated to work anymore. I don't think I should have to. I am excited that next week I get to sing again. There is some presentation going on at the Vancouver Public Library and my sister and I have been asked to sing as part of a group. I tried to practice just the other day...other than sounding like a dying cat at a Santana concert, I ran out of breath and had to lie down after the first verse. It was bad. I don't think I'll live.

3 more weeks and I'm done! yay!
I know I was supposed to blog about something else, but now I can't remember....oh well...i'm sure it'll come to me...for now...later days!

Monday, November 26, 2007

In the Company of Men


Current Mood: Abysmal (which means things can only get better, right? right? anyone?)

Current Song: Not too Late by Hinder (or one of the bands that sound like them)

So, last week was an interesting week. We had a conference at work, which went much as I can judge from staying there for one morning. And then came the weekend, which didn't have me jump-started to do much of anything. Mind you, I finished a third of a paper I should have started writing a month ago, and I did finish organizing a presentation ahead of schedule so i can't say that I was terribly unproductive.

Saturday night was movie night. I went out with a couple of friends, and my couple of friends ran into a trio of their friends, which essentially amounted to myself being the only one of the female persuasion present in a group of men. What can I say, except for it was neither awkward or uncomfortable. I think the plus side of being amongst men is that I don't have to comment on anyone's outfit or hair or clear skin. The downside is that nobody notices my outfit, hair or clear skin. Oh well, I guess you really can't have everything can you... So women, the company of men is not so bad, and if you're wondering where all the men are, they are apparently at the movies with me on a saturday night....
The movie we saw was American Gangster with Russell Crowe looking as unappealing as a can of old tuna tucked into the back of your pantry and Denzel Washington, the shiniest star in the general hole that might have been harlem in the 60's. It was an excellent movie. Not recommended for children under 25 however on account of the plethora of unwholesome activities going on. I'm glad I went to see it. It was either that or enchanted (gag me).
Okay, so I shall be off to work now. If I can get through the next three weeks alive, we'll be in great shape. Although I'm quite sure I'm coming out the other end looking haggard...eep.
Later days, folks!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ever Wake Up Screaming and Realize You Weren't Asleep In the First Place?


Current mood: ugh

Current Song: You and Me by Lifehouse (somehow this seems super-inappropriate at the mo)

My uptake of sugar has increased. Which is making me feel gross. Really gross. Also I feel like my waist is expanding and I'm losing muscle mass. fast. Someone help me before I spiral into the dark place filled with butterscotch and whip topping! help! I'm drowning in a sea of simple syrup and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it!
Okay, I'm done being dramatic, but seriously!

Happy to see sunshine outside. Rather unhappy to be stuck indoors writing and reading, then writing some more. I have had a headache for the last few days (feels like years). Though, I have to say I'm not as irritated right now. Must be the sugar. I guess there is a plus side, however fat filled and vomit inducing it is!

My mother has the formula for stress just right. The other day, something rather irritating happened. So her cure was "I'm going to eat three timbits, two slices of cake and a bowl of chevro [the indian equivalent to deep fried trail mix] and then I'm done." That's a good formula I think. Though Timmies couldn't supply enough tim bits in multiples of three for me, the way things are going right now!
Literally one more month until my holiday (if you can even call it that). I'm clutching on by my fingernails right now. The end is nigh! Alright....i'm doing being that freaky lady who dances at the street corner and tells people she's saving enough money to go to mexico...I shall talk to you soon. For now, I'm off to suffer through the rest of my day!

Thursday, November 15, 2007



Current Mood: Tired, on the verge of burnout

Current Song: Delirious by Mario Spinetti

I just watched a great episode of Grey's Anatomy. It was really quite the relatable one for me. I tend to think of myself slightly as Miranda Bailey. She is a no-nonsense resident, incredibly smart (it's debatable for me!), and ruthlessly straightforward. On today's episode, one of her patients was a highschool "friend", who was a busy football player, whose homework she used to do, or rather tutor him to do his own homework. It was amazing to see her turn as was so aptly put, into a "blithering idiot". She most certainly did turn right into one. Giggly schoolgirly, almost out of character. It just made me think of how the strongest people can have one person that drives them to complete weakness. No matter how much sensibility one employs and how many rational choices one makes, there is always that one person that can drive a dagger right into your logic. We all have that one person. All mistakes are forgiven, all indiscretions overlooked, all insignificant details stored in vivid detail. Sad, really isn't it? I guess in the end that is what humanizes us. But really, does it have to rip us apart? I've always wondered.

Things are getting increasingly intense, and now a small army of some kind of virulant organism has settled in my throat and is infiltrating all penetrable barriers. I am getting sick. Rather I'm fighting it with all my will. I think the flu or plague or rickets or whatever it is, is going to have to wait until the middle of December! Not on my watch you don't!

Oooh! and I got to go and see a talk by Romeo Dallaire today! For those who don't know, he was in charge of the UN peacekeeping forces during the Rwandan genocide. It was a very interesting talk although I was feeling a bit jaded and I'm really not sure if I agree with everything that he had to say. However, the man is an eloquent speaker and has great credentials. The whole point is to not become a blithering idiot, so i had fun talking to my colleagues about his talk. After all, isn't that what it's all about?
For those of you who want to do something less academic, there is a great (small) exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery on Hornby and Georgia. it's all origami art. Some amazing stuff! I love downtown. I'm moving there, right after I get back from travelling the world!
Well, that's about all I have. Glad for the weekend approaching, but slowly hyperventilating at the thought of the end of semester. Keep checking the blog. If I stop writing, i died somewhere along the way! ciao for niao!

Monday, November 12, 2007

In Retrospect...


Current Mood: Mercurial

Current Song: Irreplaceable by Beyonce (stupid samsung advert!)

I just had a weird little thought when I was on facebook right now. I thought I would share before it disappeared. I suddenly feel very grateful for the endings of things. you know we never do appreciate endings. We only appreciate endings of painful things, like dentist appointments, or really long awful movies or family gatherings. The sooner those are over, the better. We never appreicate the endings of good things. We want them to last forever, but we never realize they won't be happy for eternity. For some reason I think that thought is very much prominent in my mind. When those things end, no matter how sad we are, better things seem to come along. Unless your life has suddenly gotten worse in the last little while, which sucks for you. I think it's because all of the salient things happen to me in the fall. I think i might have said this before, but fall appears to be terribly opportune for me, sometimes even fortuitous. Makes you even more grateful for some of the things that you lose. I guess it's kind of like breaking the strap on one of your favourite purses. It sucks we have to throw it out, but hey, it was a great purse no?

Okay, so I've finished rambling. Had a relatively odd weekend. Nothing to scream and shout about, but nonetheless. Suddenly panicked some time on Sunday and couldn't get out of that mode. Also realized that the hair is at least 2 inches longer than it should be. Can't wait to get it cut, although am slowly bemoaning the loss of my hair stylist. You know that's one relationship i don't have commitment issues with. Boy I'm going to miss that woman. Wonder if i can fly down to california for a haircut every six weeks. Overkill? no? yes?

Alright, that is currently the end of my train of thought. We have reached the last station. Off to bed I get, because tomorrow is tuesday and excessively long for to you all, sooner than later, I hope!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ah, stuff it!


Current Mood: panic is swallowing me whole, but other than that, pretty good!

Current Song: In your head by Tegan and Sarah (whom I don't like).

Neglectful Ninny that I am, I haven't written in a while. Partially because life hasn't been all that terribly interesting. Things are continuing on and we are slowly approaching the end of the semester. Or as I like to call it, my final resting place. I am looking forward to my holidays. Ah, the various christmas cookies, and choir concerts and hanging out. Life is certainly interesting when it needs to be. However at the current moment, it's just a whole lot of whining and complaining.

The nice long weekend is coming up. I wish I had plans, but alas, my plans are cozying up with that nice research paper. I am so toast other than that. Hopefully I'll be able to get some rest...that would be nice! It's funny how other things quickly become priority and stuff just shifts about. I had a moment of insanity last week because i couldn't decide whether I was on the right path. However, it now appears that I am. It just takes time. And on top of that it's a one-day-at-time thing that you have to engage in. Sometimes I wonder how I am working and doing the school thing. I must have inherited some of my mother's strength and probably some kind of sheer imbecility from my father's side. Well, it seems to have worked out well for me. Let's see if I can live up to my own standards.
I hope to write more interesting things soon. Right now my life is revolving around the many mundane things. I'll keep checking in. You don't have to read, but you should because you love me...:)
Later days!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

In The Name of the Fashion Gods


Current Mood: sleeepy

Current Song: No Heaven by that weird swedish group

So I was watching the telly today and Fashion File happened to be on. I love that show and I love looking at all the current trends and seeing who would be insane enough or rich enough to go and buy all that stuff. So anyway, there was a woman on who has written a new book about how Haut Couture fashion houses are no longer selling to their exclusive cleintele. Meaning that most of what they call "haute couture" is now going through the assembly line to be mass marketed. Somehow this is wrong to her. One of the statistics that came up was that 40% of Japanese people own something that's Louis Vuitton. Fair enough. But at the same time the large exclusive fashion houses are missi g out on a huge market of people that don't want to pay 6000 bucks for a pair or shoes, but want the brand. Such is the business. That's why Roberto Cavalli is now offering a brand at H and M. Or Isaac Mizrahi for Fairweather. It's an accessible market and one that is probably more profitable in the long run. I frankly dont blame them for finding a huger market...Plus with the economy of some of the Aisan countries doing so well, who can blame them? such is the beast called Branding. I found is partcularly ironic that this woman is mass publishing a book that she wants to be accessible to everyone, yet at the same time biting the hand of the free market economy. Funny eh?
People are so terribly misled at the best of times...and even more so at the worst of times.
I can't believe I've become one of those people that yawn and say "give me a break. its globalization at work" That master's program has unleashed the beast!
so i just thought i would compalin about that. I am done now I think. Blogs are a great way to bitch!
okay one more day until the beginning of the week. This cycle never ends...never! Okay, I'm off to take advantage of the end of daylight savings time! An extra hour of sleep! yay! Until sometime in the middle of the week!