Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scary Librarian Man

Current Mood: impatient (if you want company flogging dead horses, I'm not your gal today!)

Current Song: Honey in the Moon by some guy.

Zoyah wanted to be in the blog today. Apparently she only reads it if her name is mentioned somewhere in here. So here it is, Zoyah. Enjoy!

I thought I might tell you about scary librarian man who hangs around the library, where I have now taken residence (home? what home?). He is bald and wears round spectacles and buttons his gaudy hawaiian shirt right to the very top. I'm scared of him. He's kind of mean. And I can never really tell when he's being nice either, because his tone of voice doesn't indicate so. I always eat while I'm studying, but not if he's in the library. The weird woman librarian who looks like she's wearing her father's coat is much more amicable. I don't care if I eat in front of her. She just walks by and asks if everything is okay. Generally it is. Scary librarian man is not the bomb though. Not at all.

I think i must be moody this week. I've been quite impatient. Generally that's not a side of myself that i like to exhibit all over the place. It's my less pleasant side and only shows up with people I don't particularly care for. What i've noticed is that people will often just get bent out of shape about the smallest things, and I think that's what has been irritating me the last couple of day. I think I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Get over it people. Life is too short and if you're going to act like a child, then don't mind if I treat you like one. Some adults. Really.

Okay, now that's off my chest, I think I better go and get ready for work, lest I be struck down or something.
I promise again, I will blog (see? I never make promises I can't keep!)