Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh Happy Day

Current Mood: Is there even any point in telling you I'm tired?

Current Song: Afarid (from choir)

Productive weekend. I feel like my eyes are going to fall right out of my head so that's a giant surprise actually! I pulled some serious study time. You're asking me what I know? Hmmmm...nothing! I'm pulling some serious study time today and tomorrow and wednesday night, and then i'm going to take my midterm on thursday and forget about the rest of my life! I'm terribly worried about it. God give me the grace not to bomb!
Yesterday was the happiest day of my life. My professor sent us the lecture slides that he said he wouldn't send. Move over wedding and birth of first child! your place has been usurped the attainment of economics lecture notes. I thought I would cry when i got the email. I have never been so happy to get more things to read. Seriously, it was about the saddest thing you had ever seen.
Yesterday, I also had the pleasure of attending "A Mystical Journey", which was a collection of various artists from around the Islamic world. Most of them were from other esoteric interpretations of Islam, such as Sufism. I think it was probably the most enlightening and enriching experience I have had in a long time. It really made me want to sing again. So much of what we see on television is extreme and steeped in the political rhetoric of the Middle East. We forget that there are these rich and varied traditions across the muslim world that I get to claim as heritage. There were artists from Algeria, Iran, Syria, Pakistan...All singing of something we all share in common. It's something that goes beyond words and beyond this realm. When you connect with a humanity that is larger than yourself, and through music, you connect with God (if you believe in God. I do). There was a lovely line in the program booklet from a famous Sufi poet, Rumi:

We were all part of Adam and heard those melodies in Paradise,
Though water and clay have covered us with doubt
We still remember something of those sounds

I will write again after midterms, either crying or laughing!