Friday, October 26, 2007

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Current Mood: Pretty happy

Current Song: Gloria in excelsis Deo (feels like a choir kind of a day).

I got my economic midterm back yesterday, ending a whole week of fretting rather well. I did far better than I expected and happily skipped at the end of class with an "A" paper in my hand. Wow, this grad school business might work out afterall. Forget the lack of sleep that is starting to accumulate in circles around my eyes, and the nutritional deficiency that is starting to show up in my sallow and gaunt skin now. I'm kicking some serious ass so it doesn't really matter does it? That was a top-off on a pretty glorious sunny day. Praise whoever is up there for giving me the green light to perform the way I did. Now to keep it up, is another thing.

Not many exciting things have happened. I have a very urgent itch to go and buy some books for no particular reason, other than the fact that I really really need to read some fiction right now. I have a mile-long book list so if anyone is into getting me something for christmas, that would be a pretty good gift (just don't try and guess which book I want)! I'm kidding, please don't get me gifts. It makes me nervous, and a little sad. Sometimes I get apologetic.

I'm looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend spent reading, and perhaps I might watch a movie or something at home. It will be nice for once just not to be panicking about anything. I can't believe there is one more semester left before I have to get my crap together and look at that MA thesis...or rather finish that MA thesis. Doesn't seem like a terrible idea to start up on it right now. I think I might actually end up working on it during the winter holidays. I know, you're rolling your eyes and mumbling "nerd" under your breath. But after how I did on that Economics midterm, I have never been happier to be a nerd in all honesty!
Anyway, i shall blog again if something exciting happens this weekend like a UFO falls out of the sky, or someone leave brand new Manolos on my doorstep in a size 6, or the man of my dreams appears on transit or something...
Until later!