Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In Honour of Halloween


Current Mood: jittery

Current Song: Something Indian.

In honour of Halloween, I have decided to make a list of things that scare me. So here goes:

1. Animals with more than 4 legs

2. Animals with less than 4 legs

3. Animals with 4 legs

5. Commitment (oh, no thanks, i'll pass on the proposal)

6. Zoyah's high expectations (you wanna save the what?!)

7. Heights

8. Children

10. Gamers (stop wearing obscure shirts and comb your hair!)

11. The number 9 (did you catch that?)

12. Humidity (curly hair's arch nemesis)

13. Packed snow (stupid vancouver in January)

14. Falling down (seriously, I'm not kidding)

15. Eminem (the man is a homicide waiting to happen)

I think that's pretty much it for now. Nothing terribly exciting has happened. I hope you will wait until the weekend for the next blog!

Monday, October 29, 2007

There is No Place like....The Library?


Current Mood: meh...it's early

Current Song: That new Santana song (with Chad Kroeger)

This weekend was nice and quiet. Spent reading of course, because what else do I do anyway these days? Well it so happens that we did watch a couple of movies on Saturday night. One was "Borat". Yes, I know, you're already thinking it aren't you. Let's just say that aside from the sparse instances of clever humour, that movie was an assault to the senses really. One has got to wonder what nuanced audience this was meant for. Borat is funny insofar as you check your complex understanding of humour at the door. It turns quickly into some assinine rendition of farce. I hope to baby jesus that movie doesn't make it into the books of history, for we will all be doomed.

The other movie was "Partition". Good movie. A little overdrawn, and dramatized and a bit to "easy" on the plot. However, it's a well done movie. Jimmy Mistry plays a lovely character, Neve Campbell has a horrendous British accent, and Kristen Kreuk manages to cry through almost the entire movie. Can't say I'd watch it again, but it was a worthwhile experience.

So yesterday since Zoyah was working downtown, I decided to tag along and ensconse myself in my favourite chair at the SFU downtown library. I got there just 5 minutes before the library was supposed to open. The scary librarian man from previous posts, came to the door, opened it and ask me "Do you have a home?". I think he sees me there far too often for it to be healthy. I replied "If I do, I don't know where it is anymore". At which he smirked, let me in and there I went for the next 7 hours learning about good government in the tropics. Overall not a hideous weekend, though I would rather have spent my time uselessly doing nothing. Oh well. Can't have everything can you.
Anyway, I best be off to work. Until sometime soon! Enjoy!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


Current Mood: Pretty happy

Current Song: Gloria in excelsis Deo (feels like a choir kind of a day).

I got my economic midterm back yesterday, ending a whole week of fretting rather well. I did far better than I expected and happily skipped at the end of class with an "A" paper in my hand. Wow, this grad school business might work out afterall. Forget the lack of sleep that is starting to accumulate in circles around my eyes, and the nutritional deficiency that is starting to show up in my sallow and gaunt skin now. I'm kicking some serious ass so it doesn't really matter does it? That was a top-off on a pretty glorious sunny day. Praise whoever is up there for giving me the green light to perform the way I did. Now to keep it up, is another thing.

Not many exciting things have happened. I have a very urgent itch to go and buy some books for no particular reason, other than the fact that I really really need to read some fiction right now. I have a mile-long book list so if anyone is into getting me something for christmas, that would be a pretty good gift (just don't try and guess which book I want)! I'm kidding, please don't get me gifts. It makes me nervous, and a little sad. Sometimes I get apologetic.

I'm looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend spent reading, and perhaps I might watch a movie or something at home. It will be nice for once just not to be panicking about anything. I can't believe there is one more semester left before I have to get my crap together and look at that MA thesis...or rather finish that MA thesis. Doesn't seem like a terrible idea to start up on it right now. I think I might actually end up working on it during the winter holidays. I know, you're rolling your eyes and mumbling "nerd" under your breath. But after how I did on that Economics midterm, I have never been happier to be a nerd in all honesty!
Anyway, i shall blog again if something exciting happens this weekend like a UFO falls out of the sky, or someone leave brand new Manolos on my doorstep in a size 6, or the man of my dreams appears on transit or something...
Until later!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scary Librarian Man


Current Mood: impatient (if you want company flogging dead horses, I'm not your gal today!)

Current Song: Honey in the Moon by some guy.

Zoyah wanted to be in the blog today. Apparently she only reads it if her name is mentioned somewhere in here. So here it is, Zoyah. Enjoy!

I thought I might tell you about scary librarian man who hangs around the library, where I have now taken residence (home? what home?). He is bald and wears round spectacles and buttons his gaudy hawaiian shirt right to the very top. I'm scared of him. He's kind of mean. And I can never really tell when he's being nice either, because his tone of voice doesn't indicate so. I always eat while I'm studying, but not if he's in the library. The weird woman librarian who looks like she's wearing her father's coat is much more amicable. I don't care if I eat in front of her. She just walks by and asks if everything is okay. Generally it is. Scary librarian man is not the bomb though. Not at all.

I think i must be moody this week. I've been quite impatient. Generally that's not a side of myself that i like to exhibit all over the place. It's my less pleasant side and only shows up with people I don't particularly care for. What i've noticed is that people will often just get bent out of shape about the smallest things, and I think that's what has been irritating me the last couple of day. I think I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Get over it people. Life is too short and if you're going to act like a child, then don't mind if I treat you like one. Some adults. Really.

Okay, now that's off my chest, I think I better go and get ready for work, lest I be struck down or something.
I promise again, I will blog (see? I never make promises I can't keep!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Big Update!


Current Mood: Apologetic...I'm sooooo sorry I haven't written sooner.

Current Song: Hung Up by Madonna.

It's monday. I'm feeling garfieldian and apologetic for neglecting my blog. It has served me so well for almost 2 years. I told you that I would make a bad mother. My children would probably go unfed or something. It's true. You know it.

Okay Update number 1: Last week was the big economics midterm. We all sufficiently bombed it. We went for drinks after the exam, and basically sat there dissecting the whole thing. Even the smart guy looked like he had eaten something that had gone off. It was terrible. My professor met us at a conference on saturday and ensured us that we probably did just fine. Obviously, he hasn't started marking our exams. Good lord. Oh well. What's done is done. We can't change the past (unless someone is keeping a time machine from me. If you are, please let me know. i would like to change the past).

Update number 2: I went to a great conference on saturday on Peacebuilding and State failure/ Reconstruction. I'm happy to report that the Peace Building Council is working on a new architecture for the UN. Carolyn McAskie (google her if you need to know who she is) spoke on behalf of the UN. She was great. There were some fantastic presentations from our professors as well, and great sandwiches. I truly think I'm doing the right thing with this field. Though, god help me get past the economics of it all!

Update number 3: I went out on Friday night and saw Rendition (movie with Reese Witherspoon and Jake *drool* Gylenhaal). Good movie. If you don't like to think, I don't recommend going. Also, if you don't like torture or subtitles, I don't recommend it. I quite liked it. I have suggestions, but I don't think Time Warner needs to hear about how to make their films better from me.

Update number 4: Went to coquitlam centre and bought a new winter jacket. I'm happy to report, I'm a size smaller than I was 5 years ago. SMILES. This is a big deal for me. Although, we all know I'm always secretly going to be the fat girl. It sure does feel nice to be the small girl once in a while :)

That's it for now. I swear to baby jesus that I will write again in the next couple of days. I swear it! If I don't, you can personally call me on my new cellphone (I guess that's update number 5!) and give me flack for it! Talk to you all soon!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh Happy Day


Current Mood: Is there even any point in telling you I'm tired?

Current Song: Afarid (from choir)

Productive weekend. I feel like my eyes are going to fall right out of my head so that's a giant surprise actually! I pulled some serious study time. You're asking me what I know? Hmmmm...nothing! I'm pulling some serious study time today and tomorrow and wednesday night, and then i'm going to take my midterm on thursday and forget about the rest of my life! I'm terribly worried about it. God give me the grace not to bomb!
Yesterday was the happiest day of my life. My professor sent us the lecture slides that he said he wouldn't send. Move over wedding and birth of first child! your place has been usurped the attainment of economics lecture notes. I thought I would cry when i got the email. I have never been so happy to get more things to read. Seriously, it was about the saddest thing you had ever seen.
Yesterday, I also had the pleasure of attending "A Mystical Journey", which was a collection of various artists from around the Islamic world. Most of them were from other esoteric interpretations of Islam, such as Sufism. I think it was probably the most enlightening and enriching experience I have had in a long time. It really made me want to sing again. So much of what we see on television is extreme and steeped in the political rhetoric of the Middle East. We forget that there are these rich and varied traditions across the muslim world that I get to claim as heritage. There were artists from Algeria, Iran, Syria, Pakistan...All singing of something we all share in common. It's something that goes beyond words and beyond this realm. When you connect with a humanity that is larger than yourself, and through music, you connect with God (if you believe in God. I do). There was a lovely line in the program booklet from a famous Sufi poet, Rumi:

We were all part of Adam and heard those melodies in Paradise,
Though water and clay have covered us with doubt
We still remember something of those sounds

I will write again after midterms, either crying or laughing!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shooting Oneself in the Foot


Current Mood: Tired...i know, SURPRISE!

Current Song: The Cadbury chocolate song. I wish I had some chocolate now.

Well, i'm terribly sorry for not having written in almost a week. I keep having moments where I say to myself, "Ooh! must blog about this tomorrow!", only to find out that the idea has gone right out of my head.
Yesterday I read an interesting little piece in one of the common-folk newspapers. They were interviewing one of those fashion designers, I forget which one they were talking to (one of those weird ones). They asked her if she believe in a democratic god. Now forgive my grad student mildly-decomposing brain, but doesn't a democracy entail more than one person? How can God be democratic? Technically he would be saying what Mrs. Shlokham on Are You Being Served would say when she exclaimed, "And I am unanimous in that!" People have really got to learn how to ask questions. What the heck is all of that ?!

I have only now come to realize how powerful the media is and generally how quickly or slowly you can get a buy-in from the public. Fascinating discussions have happened on this topic that I shan't bore you with right now.

In other news, I am seriously considering going back to singing. Now I just have to find an outlet. I rather would like to try something different, but we'll see how that works out. I will keep you updated if my toes leave the ground and I am emboldened to take on some new musical endeavour. In the meantime, more pruning of life going on. I'm looking forward to my holidays.
I will write again. Probably on sunday, or Monday...stay tuned! I am going to a concert this weekend!

Saturday, October 6, 2007



Current Mood: ((o_o)) This is what I'm starting to look like. I'm so tired!

Current Song: Something Indian...it's been in my non-functioning head for days!

I think I'm well on the path to recovery from our all-night prayer. It went well. I didn't fall asleep during the meditation, which is a bonus because I generally think "meditation is coming up...Yes!! Naptime!" It was actually the best one and the most fulfilling one in years. I can't sometimes believe the stuff that comes out of my own mouth! So i'm done being ismaili for another year...see you again next Ramadan kids!

I'm glad it's Thanksgiving weekend. I'm thankful for extra study time. God knows I need it! I have midterms in a couple of weeks and I still couldn't explain to you what purchasing power parity is! Which makes me feel like I'm in the doghouse. Really. Sometimes I feel like I'm driving with no brakes on the car straight towards failure. But I know I'm not. I'm just being an ass about it lately. Watch out UN! I'm on my way!

Okay, if I keep writing about things that aren't interesting, there will be no point to this blog, so I better just leave now and spare you all the details of my life. Hopefully after the weekend I'll have something more interesting to say. For now, I think I better go and read Jeffrey Sachs' theory on economic development. Don't worry, I won't ruin the ending for you!

Monday, October 1, 2007

I Don't Suffer From Insanity, I Enjoy Every Minute of it!


Current Mood: quite alright for a monday morning.

Current Song: Walls Fall Down by Bedouin Soundclash (good song)

I have to say, these days weekends leave me more tired than I am before I have one. It's the amount of insanity that ensues as soon as I have that thing that used to be called "free time". No longer free time. Free time is study time. And study time is every moment that I'm not actually trying to survive. Zoyah and I have gotten sad enough, where we're looking forward to the long weekend, for extra study time to catch up. But I did take some time off to watch the new episodes of Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I'm thinking of taking up a job as TV viewer and possibly doing reviews for TV guide. Who can keep up? It's either watch that much TV and suck at life.

I haven't started to expand sideways which I have to give myself some credit for. I did pilates on saturday morning after quite a while. Let's just say it hurts to breathe right now! Holy sore ab muscles batman! It did feel good though. i never thought I'd be one of those people to say something like that. How random of me.

Ramadan is almost over. 4 day countdown to the all-night vigil. I managed to get the morning off on Friday, but still have to survive through 3 hours of class in the afternoon on Friday. I don't think I'll be in terrible shape. Although I have said things like that and generally they have flown back into the face of reason to laugh at me. But I THINK that I will be alright.

Anyway, I shall write again soon. Maybe halfway through the week, maybe friday...who knows...
talk to you's all later.

PS: I'm perenially amazed by the wonders of the interweb. The things you can find out. I know who's reading this blog and who's not. Quite something isn't it?