Friday, September 7, 2007

Thus Begins My Descent Into the World of the Mole People (Grad Students)

Current Mood: Moribund and overwhelmed

Current Song: Stupid Kelly Clarkson's Never again (stupid song)

Well, I've nearly made it through my first week of graduate school without crying. The work however, is not helping. I might crack under the pressure of the workload. Reading about instituting market economies is making my eyes fall right out of my head. I've got an intense weekend of studying coming up. I haven't quite figured out when I'm going to take my breaks. I may give myself an evening or so just to recover, but that all depends on a host of other things. Work is not helping either. But what can you do. Such is the life of one as talented as I am (and no, I haven't even lost an ounce of my modesty in the process!)

Interesting skytrain story anyone? So, yesterday I was on the skytrain and there were these two youth talking about the US and their claim to calling French Fries Freedom Fries shortly after 9-11 to express their anti-French sentiment. Okay, they didn't say all of that, but still I thought you should know. Anyway, so these two went on and on about how they might go to the states and ask for french fries just to spite the Americans. One of them expressed "French fries will always remain french!". At this point I nearly fell out of my seat. I wanted to point out to them that French Fries were actually a Belgian invention and not a french one. I have no idea why they have french in their name. But who am I to argue with history (when I do, I look crazy). I of course didn't say anything. I think perhaps the most amusing part was the conviction with which this was expressed. It's as if, they were french fry historians and anyone that claimed to know anything about them would quickly be shot down with marvelously sparkling evidence of root vegetable immersion in fat. Oy vey. Some people....

I told you amusing skytrain stories would start! Anyway, I'm off to the gallows. I will write again sometime over the weekend or next week. Have a fantastic day if you must!