Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kids These Days

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Current Song: Grace Kelly by Mika (it's so old, why is it stuck in my head?)

So, I sometimes catch the bus with a bunch of them little school kids who are going to the highschool. At best, I try not to catch the bus with them because nobody should be subjected to that kind of high pitched screaming early in the morning. I'm quite certain that it's bad for your health. But anyway, sometimes I'm absolutely gobsmacked at the way that they dress. This one little girl was wearing a bolero jacket ("shrug" for those of you not born in 1958), with the smallest tanktop imaginable. Now nothing is wrong with the shrug and tank top, but I think her jeans should have reached to at least her rib cage, because the amount of skin showing embarrassed me and I was fully covered.
I don't want to blame it all on the media. I do however, want to blame some of it on the parents. My mother had the strictest policy when it came to tank tops. If it didn't cover up the top of your arm, you were damned if you were going to wear it! And I'm not saying that we don't. Poor woman has finally come to her senses, although tube tops are completely out of the question. Parents these days set all kinds of limits on their kids, such as tv for only 1 hour, no more than half hour of computer use, purple socks only allowed in the house and what have you. Yet they go and completely ruin their own parenting efforts by buying them racy clothing and expensive gadgetry. In my day (which is not so long ago), celphone were for adults.
And another thing. I saw a little girl dancing very questionably outside in my complex to some of that rock and/or roll. Please talk to your kids about responsible media. Good grief. If I had been dancing like that when i was a kid about her age, I probably wouldn't be alive to bitch about this.
More people should be like my mum....and the many other good parents that we know!

Okay, i'm off to go to school and deal with the beast that is economic theory. My only bright spot today is that the new episode of Greys anatomy is on! yay! Until later!