Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Always Wanted to Be Somebody When I grew up. Now I realize I should have been more specific

Current Mood: Upright

Current Song: That new Maroon 5 one that I can't remember.

The above quote by Lily Tomlin, a funny funny woman.

I'm having a less than emotional day today. Apparently today is free hug day. One of my coworkers thinks that's revolting. I have to agree. Who wants to hug complete strangers. If you're giving me a free hug, it had better be coming with an iPod or a small economical vehicle. Otherwise, don't touch me if you know what's good for you. Are people so starving for physical affection that they will go to those lengths? Please people, have some self respect!

I also have to say, I'm rather getting sick of reading the scratchings of people who write about dancing in the sun and eating rainbows. There are some people who dwell on some kind of ideal state of love, which I don't think exists. Love is not about some kind of ethereal divine out of this world feeling that you have for someone that is so deep it's basically hurting to breathe. Love is crusty. That's right. Love is a crusty old emotion that grows out of asking how someone's day was and making sure that you leave the last bit of ice cream for them or turning your socks the right side out before putting them in the laundry. So for all you people who write about this ridiculous dance in the sunshine love, we have got to wonder why divorce rates are high. If we all think like this, where is room for reality. Honestly. I may be unromantic, but I know my marriage will last :)

Okay, i'm done ranting. Being an academic brings you back to a different world of thinking and being. I shall go now, and join my fellow mole people as we borough on ahead through a tunnel of knowledge and timbits! Until soon (I hope)!