Monday, September 24, 2007

Get Rich Before You Get Fat

Current Mood: Mellifluous

Current Song: something from an indian movie, which nobody will know. mum got it stuck in my head and now i'm doomed to sing it all day long...

We never learn. That's the conclusion that I have come to. We never really learn do we? Things are bad for us, but temptation always gets the best of us. It's really a sad kind of situation isn't it? When things go well, we never say, "wow, this is exactly where I want to be. Maybe I'll just let go of those things that I don't need in my life....that sounds like a great idea!". But then again, perhaps we don't let them go because we still have to learn from them. Thoughts? I am not referring to anything specific don't worry. I'm just thinking out loud, or on paper, rather.

I went shopping this weekend, despite having an ass-load of work to do. I bought a black sweater as reparation for not being able to leave the house in many days aside from going from one place to another. The sweater is adventurously black. I know, I go crazy with the colours don't i? When i went through my goth phase (okay...i'll wait until you get back on your seat....)
are you on?
When i went through my goth phase, I did nothing but wear black for two years. Then one day I think I went and bought something gray. My mother got so excited, you would have thought somebody just proposed to the hopeless she-troll. Ever since, I've been colours abound. However, black is still comforting. I feel like I can watch people and think things without them knowing. This of course, is not true. But let me have my delusions will you? Anyway, i'm sure I have to go to work. We shall see what kind of day it's going to be. I have this feeling it might be unforgiving. Should I make it out alive, I shall of course, write again.
A bientot mes amis!