Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School

Current Mood: Exhausted!

Current Song: No songs today, just much thinking.

So, today is the end of my first day of school. It was hectic. I worked for the morning, and then attended class, and then went to a wine and cheese event. I am completely exhausted and so excited to be part of this silliness.
Yes, I still love school. Possibly more than I did before. I actually found the industrialization theory today fascinating. I have to be the biggest geek that ever walked the planet. It's going to get very hectic very soon, so I'll really have to buckle down.
I'm sad to say however, that books are still expensive, and fees, even more so! On top of being expensive, those stupid books are heavy too. We breathed a huge sigh of relief when we found out some of the books were "recommended" texts. Nobody actually reads those no matter what you're doing.
I'm also sad to say that the people on the skytrain still suck. Generally, no room, crowds, rude people. And then there are those people who tell you their life story without ever meaning to. Did I need to know that the red-haired lady has mortgage issues? I'm one to keep my problems to myself. I never did understand those folks that have a rather compulsive need to let everyone in a 10 metre radius from them know about their lives.
Ah, the skytrain. I guess you'll be hearing a few more stories about it when I resurface every now and then from now on.
I can't believe it. Life is weird.