Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't Be Stupid

Current Mood: Shlubby

Current Song: Here With Me by Dido

Well, I'm sick of studying. Sick to death of it already and I'm only in week 3. God help me. Anyway, so the reason for the post today is that I got great relationship advice from a coworker. She happens to be a very painfully witty woman who keeps me entertained when things get a bit dull. Her relationship advice is as follows:
1. Don't be stupid
2. Don't marry a stupid person

I think that's probably the best advice I've ever received. I don't know if I can help it that I'm stupid and probably clueless when it comes to relationships. I think asking me for advice on relationships is probably akin to asking me to cut your hair. It shouldn't be done really. It would be terrible. It's smart advice however. Too many people are stupid and/or they marry stupid people. If it's both, it's an unfortunate farce played on them by god, in which case we can only hope for Darwinian consequences (that's! out of the gene pool!). I wonder why someone up there made stupid people. And furthermore, why they tend to get into relationships.
However, here's a bit of sunshine for you. Divorce rates are down! Now they are some 30 odd percent instead of half the population...yay! there is some glimmer of hope for us yet! Well, as I figure it, if everyone puts some common sense into their decisions, and largely ignores the "stupids", we'll be back to nuclear families in no time (not that it would work for me, but just sayin')
okay, enough about this business....time to get to work...must read Iraqi news before bed! Ciao bellas!